Z dropping during carve

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Excellent, but the connectors used on the Onefinity (what is needed to make new cables yourself) remain connectors made only for internal device use (and not for cables going outside of the device) and they are made to be plugged together exactly once. Because they are only tin-plated, re-seating them multiple times may damage the thin tin-plating and expose the bare copper to air humidity which is even more susceptible to oxidation (tin already is), and metal oxides are no more an electric connector (see also here).

The reports here in the forum usually say that grounding the machine properly made the static electricity when touching the machine disappear. Use the search function (e.g. for “EMI solved”)

Usually you can’t avoid the buildup of static electricity inside the dust collection system (by principle, except if using metal tubes in your workshop dust collection system), and it is impossible to ground PVC hoses and tubes (despite what is told on youtube). See the video of John McGrath in the link below. He also tells what you can do if it persists.

But usually it is reported here that the static electricity when you touch your machine disappears if you correctly ground your machine. For a machine that is assembled by the operator and that is a class I device, it’s the operator’s duty to comply to IEC 60204-1 and to ground and bond all moving parts individually to comply to safety regulations.

If you follow the threads linked below entirely, you will also see that grounding the moving parts of the machine is also necessary to prevent motor bearing currents that can damage your spindle.

E.g. this issue was only discovered after properly grounding the frame. Without that, it remained undiscovered, but led to axis positioning errors (as you can imagine).

Please follow these links for the information mentioned above:

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