Strain relief for X gantry Molex connectors

I see folks having loose Molex connections on the X gantry and this causing problems during a cut. As a precaution I put strain relief/support on mine.

I am simply sharing the idea here that some sort of strain relief may help with machines set up like mine (sans drag chains). I printed these supports and they work well for my needs. The wires are secured to the support stalks with cable ties and were done in a way to hold the cables at a point where the cross section was uniform. No patent here, I am sure others can come up with their own solution. (putting this on the FB Group as well)


Are you sharing the 3d printer files for these? I have had my connectors come loose a couple of times during a cut. Thanks!

I’d be interested in the 3D printer files for these as well!

For us that have no printer if some one is going to make these I would be interested in a set…

I’m happy to make some if I can get the files.

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I can do similar for the UK - I figure an envelope and stamp is all that is needed. They don’t look like they’ll take too long to print or consume too much material.

That sounds good, I live in wa.state so it looks like i`ll have to go with the (Bug Zapper)Guru…

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I did something similar. Posted here:


Printer Files Attached:

I have tried to upload the files on the Official Facebook Group. But in usual FB style, no luck. This is the message I get: “To prevent any misuse, we’ve temporarily restricted your ability to use this feature on Facebook. You can try again later.” Meanwhile I will attach them here.

There are four printer files (.3mf) in the attached zip file. They work extremely well with the Prusa printer slicer software but should work well with others. Print the upper and lower stalks and horizontals and glue them together.

All I ask is that you post photos here of your completed print and install.
Zip (226.3 KB)


Thanks Alan - I will print a set tonight and give them a go.


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Good that you managed to post your files - thank you but in the meantime,I experienced a mid-cycle offset issue which on reflection may have been caused by flexing of the x-axis cable causing a connection issue so I knocked up my own based on your idea ( :smiley: ) before I saw your files. Here is my attempt(not as print-time efficient as yours)…

Project 223 - xz Strain (41.1 KB)


I ended up printing the one from Andy and on my Prusa it was an hour less than the design by Alan - not sure why. Other than needing support material, it was an easy print.

@Awokenwood69 let me know if you want one.


I would be honored to have one e-mail me,… thanks

I would be interested in purchasing one as well, if that’s possible.

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For those of us newbies without a 3-D printer, can we buy a set of these for the journeyman coming in a couple of weeks? Thanks.


Hey all,

more recent cables have molded-on connector housings

PS: But that does not prevent that the permanent motion of the CNC component moves a connector that is not made for that :frowning: It’s just the strain relief on the pin’s individual crimping output that are relieved with these connector housings, but not on the connector sticking in the socket. So the need to retrofit strain relief remains.


Hey back :blush: Been awhile. Glad to see you’re back in action.


Hi would I be able to purchase this item also can you email me at

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