Z axis changing

Hey Thomas, hey Darrell @wwcenturion,

sounds like the Z plunge issue. Do you have the old Original X-35/X-50 or pre-PRO Journeyman machine? If so you have a lack of strain relief at the connectors on the left X gantry foot and also you have the curly Z cable which is not made for permanent motion (so not suitable here). It can show internal cable breaks after approx. one year of use.

The successor PRO machines now have the 30 mm drag chains from the Elite machines, but still all connectors on PRO and Elite machines are made of those Molex/Amphenol connectors that are not made for use outside of a device (but just internally) and not for permanent motion, and still all PRO and Elite stepper cables are not shielded, so you can always think of EMI also.

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See also: