Spindle Cable Strain Relief - F360 & 3d Print

I use a 4-core shielded power cable between my VFD and Spindle. I have found that even with supporting booms, the cable gets strained where it meets the spindle resulting in one instance of a soldered connection working loose (could be my poor soldering). I also thought that the four tiny screws holding the included cable strain relief looked vulnerable. So I knocked together a rough, possibly over the top, strain relief thingy. It clamps to the spindle, bolts to the 80mm spindle mount and it is height adjustable in case I re-position my spindle in the mount. In the spirit of sharing, you are welcome to use, change or ignore the attached file - don’t get precious over the lack of bevels for bolts, etc… it works.

Spindle Cable Strain Relief.f3d (18.5 KB)