Elite 80mm Spindle System Questions

Hi All,

First post on the forum. Pulled trigger on an Elite Foreman about 7 weeks back (order# 46614) and hoping that lead time reduction means it’ll be on its way shortly. As I wait I’ve been getting everything else sorted for when it shows up. I’ll be going with a 2.2kW 220V spindle and have read lots of the available info around here. I do still have a couple lingering questions that didn’t quite get answered. Would greatly appreciate anybody willing to share answers and experience.

Roughly what is the bend radius of the stock elite drag chains?

Has anyone experienced issues using spindle cable with braided single shielding?

The gold standard recommendation is of course double shielded spindle cable. Does the double shielding actually make a difference to a good amount of users or is it overkill that covers the rare niche cases? Many of the motor cables from Lapp/Igus with low minimum bend radius (MBR) are braided single shield with good coverage. If anyone has actual experience where a braided single shield wasn’t enough I would be interested to hear the scenario.

Currently looking at the following cables in 16/4 size:

  • Igus CF896 - Cost effective, double shielded, larger MBR
  • Igus CF31 - More expensive, braided single shield with good coverage (70% linear, 90% optical), low MBR
  • Igus CF6 - A bit cheaper than CF31, braided single shield with good coverage (70% linear, 90% optical), lowest MBR

If single shielded with the above coverage will be more than good enough for real world use I will go with that for the better MBR. Currently leaning towards the CF6, though listed as a “control cable” the 4 conductor construction is identical to the CF31 but has better MBR at lower price.

Is there any real difference quality wise between the main Chinese 2.2kW VFD’s?

Currently looking at the typical HY, the YL600 and the H100. They all look to have the same functionality and connectivity but vary on Hz capability with the H100 supposedly going to 1000Hz. If all else if the same the 1000Hz capability would be nice for motors with different # poles/rpm.

Fully aware of the general flaws with the basket I’m picking from here and just trying to weed out known bad actors if there are any.

Thanks in advance and hope I haven’t blown through my question quota in the first post!


I’m order # 46587 and haven’t heard anything yet.

Very close! Order went in Feb 21 at noon. You couldn’t have been much before that. Hope that shipping notice shows up for you soon.

My order was #46580 and received my upgrade kit and received it on 3/27/24

I made my order at 2:20 PM Pacific Time on Feb 20th.

Working with VCarve Pro and Waste board designs for the Elite Foreman.
I did purchase the QCW and legs

Here Elite Foreman wannabe’s some eye candy.

This is one of the best machines on the market right now. I have tested a few and this one is the best…

YOU guys did the right thing… Just do not put a router on this beauty…

Got my system first week in Feb ordered first week in Dec.

80mm 2.2kw Spindle and custom water cooling and spindle driver


wow thats a beautiful setup!

Looks like this post got derailed a touch by us eager folks. Thanks for the data points on order numbers, turns it into a bit of a treasure hunt getting clues on where you stand.

Nice setup indeed @Woodpecker and I think you inadvertently answered Q1 with that side profile shot. Knowing the rail is 50mm, can see the bend radius of drag chain is ~2.5 inches. What’d you go with for a spindle cable?

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I got my spindle cable from Amazon

14AWG 2.5mm² Shielded Chain CNC Wire (30FT) UL2464 Tinned Copper Core Extreme Flexible 14 Gauge 4 Core Cable Electrical Wire for CNC Router Machine, CNC Spindle, Robot Arm,3D Printer,etc

The standard Drag chain on the x rail fits this wire OK But not the y rail. as you can see I bring the spindle wire out from the X rail and run a slider along the top of the y rail Also do that with the two water lines… It Works GREAT.

On the overhead (That you cannot see) I have a 80/20 rail that has two slider to hold up both the spindle cable and the two water lines.

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