Trusted shielded 16/3 and 16/4 suppliers?

As some may have seen from my other thread, I have been designing an enclosure and just got my X50 WW. My spindle and VFD have been sitting here collecting dust while I try to locate PROPER shielded 16/3 and 16/4 cable…to wire the VFD to the spindle, get power to the VFD, and to create some shielded circuits inside my enclosure.

Amazon results turn up aluminum wire that is copper plated, won’t take solder, and isn’t very flexible. And they all have PAGES of terrible reviews to match. Most everything else I find on Google seems to come in $200 50’ rolls. :flushed:

Fellas, tell me there’s a way to do this correctly without spending another $400 on two rolls of cable…

For those curious, the spindle qnd VFD were bought in a combo off Amazon. Huanyang 1.5KW 80mm spindle, matching VFD, fish tank pump (:roll_eyes:), and hoses.

I am in Canada. I buy Igus Chainflex series cables, or cables from Lapp. My VFD cable I got from Lapp through Digi-Key.

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I may have answered my own question. McMaster has piles of options for power and data cables I didn’t know about. Even VFD specific cable.

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You can buy it off of ebay as well. Just look for a brand like Carol or Belden that’s US made.

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Checkout corvetteguy50 on youtube. He has a ebay styore where he sells the wire. His videos go pretty indepth, albeit slight long and redundant at points, still extremely informative and helpful none the less. He also replies to emails and questions in the comment section almost immediately. I purchased a 16/4 shielded cable from him for $80.

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Peep this :eyes:

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I emailed them 2 or 3 days ago, no reply and no contact number to be found. I have all the stuff sitting here to build that exact setup but the cable anyway. Ordering 20’ of shielded VFD cable from McMaster today so I can just get on with things. Thanks fellas. :+1:

Nevermind, finally found this guy’s EBAY store. This is a better price for a whole kit than McMaster sells the cable alone for.

Not to take away from Vince’s sale, just know if you do buy Vinces cable from that ebay store, you have to solder the connector on, and its very important to get that right. Mistakes here can be very dangerous for you and your equipment. Vince is very helpful and generally responds to emails same day, he helped me through my process and setup, and I upped my soldering game, but just be prepared to take on that challenge. He also sells good solder and flux to use. Daniel over at PWNCNC seems to be selling everything already prefabbed for you, which is really great if you just want to throw it together. I personally like to build it myself, that way I have a intimate knowledge of everything incase anything goes wrong.


Appreciate the heads up. But soldering is my game, and custom wiring is a service I offer through my business. Everything from circuit board work up to large gauge high current automotive stuff. None of my current suppliers sell VFD cable though. :pensive:

I actually ordered and received the EBAY kit a few days ago. And he upgraded me to a higher quality and much more flexible shielded cable free of charge. As stated earlier in the thread, I already have all the other stuff in the kit. But its hard to turn down a kit this complete when he sells it for less than the price of cable alone. And his customer service is outstanding (:+1:). I mean, he emailed me and gave me the option of the new cable or the previous cable I had actually ordered. Not a lot of business owners left that are decent enough to extend the offer of an upgraded product until the old stuff was gone.

The other place though, STILL hasn’t even emailed me back. :man_shrugging:t2:

Hope to be finally setting up my machine this coming week. Can’t wait to hear that spindle spin up for the first time. :facepunch:


Hey Brian,

did you contact via the web form or via E-Mail to <support (at)>?

So here’s an idea I wish I thought of before I soldered everything together was adding a 2nd aviator connector at the VFD side, for quick disconnections as well as a female plug/switch combo for easy power cord disconnections. I plan to add this in the future. Probably with a ground block on the side to tie in all my grounds. This way, to remove the VFD it’s quick and easy. Hell might even be a good idea to throw a wireless on off switch, something you’d use for dust collection.