Wiring for 2.2kw spindle and vfd

Hi I am new to the forum just pulled the trigger on the larger onefinity and purchased a aftermarket 2.2kw spindle and vfd on ebay .I wanted to get the spindle and vfd ready for when the cnc actually arrives.My question is how long of a cable do I need for the spindle and what is the best brand and gauge shielded cable for the spindle and vfd to wall.Also the best brand gauge shielded cable to connect the controller to the vfd .Any help would be greatly apreciated :-)Forgot to mention 220v

Hey Bernard,

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This is a frequently asked question that has already been answered thoroughly. Use forum’s search function.

To give you a quick answer, best brands for spindle cables are LAPP ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC FD 810 CY or IGUS chainflex® . Both are made for being bent very often.

You will need a shielded 3+PE cable for the three phase spindle.


One important thing: Never attempt to wire a spindle and a VFD without informing yourself about how this is done in a professional way. Also I would say never do this without having read entirely this document:

Please note that you have to wire these devices according to your Spindle manual and your VFD’s manual. Usually you can download both from the WWW before the devices you ordered arrive. Please read them both carefully. In both you will read that a certified electrician is required for the connection. I know that among hobbyists this requirement is rarely met. Therefore whenever possible, it is better to buy a ready-made spindle cable, which you can usually get from the spindle manufacturer. If you bought a cheap chinese spindle, pre-made cables are available here from Daniel @PwnCNC.

The length of the spindle cable depends on how you want to lay it, e.g. in a drag chain or e.g. parallel to dust hose or simply with an elastic attached to ceiling. I would buy at least 6 meters while you’re at it. Remember you can always cut away a meter of cable, but rarely cut together an additional meter :slight_smile:.

VFD to Controller

For the serial RS-485 connection for ModBus communication between the VFD and the CNC Controller (which is as so-called a signal line as opposed to power lines) and which is implemented as a balanced line, you would use at least a twisted-pair cable, better with shield, of 0.14 to 0.75 mm², two wires plus shield.

→ For conversion of U.S. customary and Imperial units see here: Comparison chart of AWG (blue), SWG (red) and IEC 60228 (black) wire sizes (hover mouse over a field to see dimension)