Shipping updates?

Journeyman ordered 6/21/22 and delivered 7/30/22


Woohoo! Please share your setup when you have it up and running.

Received my Journeyman today! #29913 ordered June 13.
Let the fun begin.

Thanks Onefinity Team!



I got my notice of label today order # 30641 on July 13 received notice today wooohooo.


My woodworker model was ready in a little over a month so supply is starting to catch up to demand. I must say it truly is an amazing machine. The engineering is top notch.


#30955 ordered July 28, dropped in Wisconsin yesterday, August 22.


Ordered last night 24th August. Now I have to sit on my hands for a few weeks. I already have a Shapeoko 3, so will need to create a larger space for the CNC, order a Makita Router and upgrade to VCarve Pro.

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Journeyman X50 order No. 31034 placed on Aug 1, 2022, arrived in High Prairie, Alberta, Canada on September 2, 2022 via Canpar. Now the patiently waiting for my touchscreen and to build my bench and such…gonna be hard not to rush things! Also a note, they seem to be shipping in a single box now not in three separate as some of the older orders appeared to be. I was a little freaked out when I saw the delivery driver drop off ONE box via my doorbell cam! Let the madness begin!

EDIT: WHY would i assume that this would go smoothly in Canada? LOL.

Canpar left 2 out of 3 packages in their Edmonton, Alberta warehouse to linger in perpetuity and delivered my single largest box. Then tried telling me it was because the other boxes required “special handling”, even though i have received the largest and heaviest box without any “special handling” requirements. My Journeyman began its trip back across Canada at 9:36 this morning with no call/email/smoke signal…nothing from Canpar. NICE. We arent gonna make it are we…as a society? We are lost, people just dont care about doing a “good job” much in general out there it seems. Sigh. Patiently i wait. Hahaha.

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Love how quick they’re getting sent out now. Mine was just under 10 weeks, starting in mid February, 2022. Assuming that single box is 150 lbs. or so, that’s got to be a challenge to move around before getting the pieces out.


Final 2 boxes arrived today! Life is good.

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Just received a UPS notification that my CNC is in transit to me, should be here in the next week. I think I ordered on the 24th August, so I’m totally impressed with the delivery time. I’d better get my Makita Router ordered and get some work done organizing my shop.


Ordered August 19th…

Was checking every day for shipping notice when today I got an email from Onefinity!!!

… about firmware updates…

Guess I have to wait a little more time… :frowning:


Well good news. My CNC arrived yesterday afternoon care of UPS. So I had fun setting it up and running.
Initial impressions.

  • Absolutely fantastic simple set up.

  • The hardware seems to be extremely robust

  • Totally hate the monitor stand, its flimsy and moves around on its own.

  • Cable management and cable lengths are terrible. There isn’t enough cable length particularly for the X and Z rails that allows me to have options as to where to position the controller and e-stop

  • Love being able to control from the monitor and/or my computer through the wi-fi

Onwards making sawdust and stuff.


We sell wire extensions here:

Thank you, already on order. Sorry to push on this, but I think it’d be better to ship the machine with the longer cables so there is flexibility on setting up. My space was tight and I really needed the controller / e-stop on the front.

Hey Steve,

this a frequently reported fact and issue. The Cable Connectors used on Onefinity are the weak spot on the Onefinity (not the controller), especially in combination with the lack of strain relief on this machine. As someone who has assembled and troubleshot many computers, I can’t have a good opinion of such tin-plated connector contacts. The Onefinity CNC manufacturer addresses possible connector problems in this FAQ document.

The flimsy and error-prone connectors were inherited from the Buildbotics controller, of which the Onefinity controller is a hardware and software fork. They may seem annoying, but one should always keep in mind that professional, industry-standard connectors would make the machine much more expensive, and since the Onefinity CNC machine addresses hobbyists, the low price of entry is an important argument.

You can buy cable extensions but many people think that adding more of these error-prone connectors is not a good idea. Therefore from time to time, people request that Onefinity offers longer cables, but they won’t.

One solution is to make your own, custom length cables (howto crimping info is here), however you need to procure you a correct matching crimping pliers as they are specified here (scroll down a bit).

The cable extensions Onefinity offers are not longer cables, they are extensions to the stock cables.

This is a known fact. See monitor-life-saving workaround here.


Thank You. Good explanation. I plan on properly managing my cables once I get everything fixed. I’ll look at making my own cables, I’ve not done this before, but should be a good experience. I’m going to make my own Monitor Stand (3D printer to the rescue!)


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I used a tablet stand off Amazon and repurposed the OF one as a game pad holder. I moved the stand to the right side foot, popped the mag mount off the monitor screen and super glued it to the back of the gamepad. It’s perfect for that because I just reach over to drop it on to the mag mount on the stand and it’s handy but not in the way.

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My CNC is getting working now. I ran my first test piece on yesterday.

My monitor is now moved to Right Front of the CNC, which works better in my shop (extended the USB’s and HDMI for this)

Dust collection is installed and working. I think I’ll make a cabinet in the end. The dust boot seems okay so far.

I’ve set up a static IP address for the Onefinity Controller, so I can easily connect from the other computers in my house (Thanks to the forum for the help on this one)

I tried downloading a file from my office desktop to the Onefinity, it wouldn’t do it. More forum reading made me realize the workshop wifi was weak and the controller doesn’t have a large aerial. So I installed an additional google mesh unit in the workshop. Incredible - now I can design on my desktop machine and drop it straight to the Onefinity without needing to shuffle USB sticks.

Longer cables for the Y axis are on order, along with drag chains. I really need to psych myself up ready for making cables myself for the drag chain set up.

Now that I can connect the machine across other computers in my house, this really helps my workflow and adds a lot of value to the Onefinity.



Delivered today

y. 10-18-22