Stock screen mount upgrade

I’ve had my machine for a couple of months now and like many others wasn’t completely satisfied with the magnetic screen mount.

Within the first hour of setting it up my toddler had already knocked the screen off and onto the garage floor :flushed:

Enter my super advanced, very fancy, nigh impossible to duplicate solution.

My screen has since been bumped several times since by me and my partner but never again has it made it all the way to the floor!


I like it. That’s clever.

I’m not sure about clever, but it is easy, cheap, and effective!

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I wish I would have thought of that before mine hit the cement floor 3 times. Great job!!

You said it…that’s a good definition of clever.

I’ve had mine for a little over 2 weeks now, and I’ve also knocked mine off the mount three times. Fortunately for me the HDMI cable caught it before hitting the ground but the last time damaged the HDMI cable and I had to buy a new one. At the moment I’ve shifted things around and it’s sitting on the cnc table using the built-in kickstand, but I plan to build a nice mount for it using the CNC. I wish I had seen your zip tie solution earlier. It would have been a great way to prevent it from falling. Certainly better than nothing.

You all see the French cleat set up someone build for the screen looks amazing

This was my solution, puts it at a better angle too:

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I followed the advise of someone on the forums (can’t remember who) and used a camera extension arm and tablet holder. It works a lot better and I can position it in more places. That said, the way the arm connects to the 1/4-20 isn’t very secure, so it occasionally droops some, so I have it resting on the table top now. I will figure out a better attachment mechanism in the near future.

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It probably wouldn’t droop if you didn’t have a 30" tv hanging on it! :wink:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It’s only 15" :crazy_face:

And it did the same thing with the original 7", so :man_shrugging:

My display is pretty much an ornament. I cat5 to a laptop with an external 37" monitor as I had a spare. It’s very nice to have vcarve, the controller and the net on one display with total control. I just found the wifi inadequate. I say go big… or go small. :grin:


I have found the same WiFi inadequacies. I think in a few years when I’m ready for an upgrade I’ll change out the controller and screen at the same time!

Oh, Nick! I am so doing this. Haven’t even installed mine yet but just holding it by the stand to figure out where on the face of my cabinet to position it , it popped off and fell to the floor. Did it again next time I tried. Was thinking I’m going to have to place my fatigue mat under it or there would be tears, then saw this. Thank you.

A year later and it’s still working like a charm!

Hey Charles, hey Nick, hey all,

fatigue mat lol

After the innumerable reports about the monitor falling off, the cable ties should be included