Touchscreen Broken

Well, it finally happned, the touchscreen finally fell out of its magnetic holder and shattered the glass corner. Screen still works and I used some packing tape to hold all the pieces together.

This isn’t the first time it fell out, I’ve managed to catch it before hitting the floor.

So, I need to new holder for the screen. Who makes the best diy screen holder?

Hey Jimsz,

I really can’t understand why they don’t ship this anti-drop mechanism with it :slight_smile:

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It’s low-tech but it has saved my screen a dozen times or more!

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Works for me too. One of the first " mods" I made to the machine. Priceless, that is if you have some zip ties lying around looking for something to do.:smirk:

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Happened to my to. I bought a new one on the Chinese market an glued a RAM mount interface to the monitor. This works fine and is fully adjustable.

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We haven’t shipped a magnetic mount in months. We’ve changed to a spring loaded arm mount.


I got tired of squinting at that tiny screen and plugged in a cheap 14" monitor. its not a touch screen but i can use the mouse

Would your team be sending out those spring loaded mounts as replacements for the magentic?

So I felt inclined to share my absolute gratitude for the amazing quick response time to help me fix my broken screen… This morning as I was pressing the play button to start a carve, I must have pressed to hard and my monitor fell and broke… The sinking feeling in my stomach was soon a thing of the past after speaking to customer service. Within minutes they were able to have a replacement sent to my address. I honestly couldn’t be happier, first with this Amazing machine, and now seeing with how fast customer service was in helping me get back to carving. Truly such an Incredible company, I will continue to sing Onefinities praises! Thank you and Happy Holidays to all of you.


Of all the things i love about my onefinity im not sure how that magnetic mount ever made it to production.