Touch Screen/Monitor

During a carve my screen on my monitor went blank (black). I have checked all connections and have tried to restart everything to no avail. I am dead in the water. Help
I also checked the control box and the fan and everything seems to be ok. No wires off or etc.

which monitor? 7 or 10? The 10 has some persnickety connection issues. It’s ports are apparently sensitive to which is power and which is display. ( I have a 7 which is more forgiving, but awefully tiny)

This happened to me last week. I worked with support and they had me reinstall the OS. Ultimately we determined that the HDMI cable was bad (the one that came with the display). It was working fine one day, then not the next (black screen). But as soon as I switched the cable, it was working fine again.

I have the small one 7 I think.

Did you have to get a different HDMI cable? Where do I get one as I only have the one that came with the OF.

Did you try pressing the power button on the screen (top button)? I use a wired joypad controller and when I plug it in the screen will go blank until I press to the power button on the screen.

I just bought one on Amazon. It was less than $10. But your problem could be different.

yes, that’s the first thing I tried

I hooked up my laptop to OF but it is stuck on Processing new file-simulating GCode. It has sit on this for 10min

Can anyone tell me the outside dimensions of the 10 monitor? I’m looking to mount mine a little differently.

I had a problem with my 7" when I got it. Didn’t respond to touch at all. So I changed out all the cables but it still didn’t work. So I contacted Onefinity and they said they would replace it but that I could also either take a credit for it and buy another monitor myself, or pay 40 bucks for a 10" upgrade. I went with the upgrade. Before the 10" came, I hooked up an old 17" standard computer monitor and a Logitech mouse and that worked just fine. When the 10" came, I hooked it up and all works well…except I was used to a bigger screen…so now I am pondering…so, first thing is to check cables then call Onefinity. They are very good at responding to problems in a positive way.

OF & I have been in contact. I have since determined that it is the monitor. I am ordering a new monitor 20" and new
HDMI cable. Thanks for responding.