Touch Screen stops responding

I need HELP!
My touch screen stops responding during runs.
This has happened several times now and the only way to fix it that I’ve found is to cycle the power. Which ruins the carve.
I am currently 25 hours into a 37 hour carve (for the third time). I’ve paused it 2 times so far and all was well. Until tonight. Now there is no response from the screen.
At first, I thought it was a communication issue between the laptop and the controller, so I didn’t use the laptop on this carve and it still happened.
At a loss on how to save the carve (other than just let it run for the next 12 hours).
Is this a software thing, or an issue with my touchscreen? How do I trouble shoot this?

Hey Tim,

this is a frequently asked question/reported issue. You can use the search function of this forum.

  1. It could be caused by EMI. This sounds like the frequently reported EMI-caused monitor intermittent issue. This is usually solved by getting ferrite cores, …

As a workaround, you could attach any HDMI (or DVI-D or DVI-I which is compatible to HDMI) computer monitor or TV to the Onefinity Controller, and a USB keyboard and mouse. Or continue to work remotely via laptop.

In case the display stays black, you can still connect with the laptop later, even during the run of a program.

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Thanks for the input. I may look into a monitor\keyboard solution.