Rock-Solid Monitor Mount

I’ve come up with a solution to create a rock-solid monitor mount with some off the shelf parts (from the photography world) and a simple 3d-printed mounting plate.

The existing 3D printed / magnetic arm thing that it came with out machines was… lacking. the magnets weren’t strong enough (you could easily bump it and have it fall), the arm wouldn’t lock tight enough, and the hardware stripped on the first day.

My solution still uses a 3D printed part, but instead updates the connection to be metal & mechanical, not relying on the strength of the magnets or durability of the 3D printed parts. The same mount plate could be milled (using our machine) with HDPE or Aluminum, both of which are on my list of things to do in the near future.

Parts needed:

I’ve listed both the plate itself and the 3d file on etsy if anyone is interested.


Excellent solution Josh. I love the stuff from SMALLRIG. Quick question about the arm - it doesn’t look like they all have position locks - only the one in the middle? Does the mean the first arm is ‘locked’ to a horizontal position and the 3rd arm is ‘locked’ to a vertical position?



the center lock knob actually locks all three positions, middle and both ends.

Ah, excellent. Thanks for the response.


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Got the digital file for the mount from you! Prints easy.

I bought the same rig but different holder (4.6oz). The rig cant hold the weight of the screen. With the knob tightened as much as I can, the ball ends still rotate. II either need to get another rig or get this one to work.

So the rig seems to be working now. The only thing I did was swap the mounting points. I really dont know how it got fixed by doing that.

what do I need to do to make this work with tne new 10 inch screen?

I found that tightening the mount finger-tight wouldn’t get tight enough. Once I found the position I liked I cranked it dow that little bit more with a pipe wrench.

Agree with Josh - removing the rubber o-ring helps too.


I don’t have one of the new monitors in hand yet (I’m attempting to contact @OnefinityCNC to order one), but I suspect that the “clamp” portion of this mount will not work with the bigger screen.

The only reason the “clamp” is used in this setup is because the 7" monitor does not have mounting holes on the back which are standard to most monitors (called a VESA mount, which is 4 threaded holes in a square pattern, VESA Hole Patterns for TV Wall Mounts | Sony USA) If the new 10.8" monitor has standard mounts - it should not be a problem to mount it, provided you have a standard VESA bracket.

Once I find out the mounting pattern on the new monitor, I’ll be creating / selling a VESA mount adapter similar to the one that I make for the machine. I also have a mount for the 7" monitor (that avoids the clamp) that will be listed on Etsy soon.

Updated links for the files above, I’ve moved to my own website ==>

What is the outside frame dimension of provided Onefinity 10” monitor ? Will the mount provided by Amazon clamp this monitor ?

Hi Josh,

Will your printed parts fit the Journeyman? Great solution.


I like what you did there. I was looking for a solution as I have knocked my display off the magnetic mount several times now and I am lucky I didn’t break anything. I don’t do plastic printing so I had to go a little different route, I do have a CNC though. This is my first time doing a precision fit part and the learning curve was pretty steep for me to get the holes to line up for the screws. It took me 5 revisions to my original VCARVE drawing to get it right. But, I did get a lot of experiance doing the revisions, machining, and test fitting. It is just a .468 piece of plywood with a T-Nut hammered in the back side. So far so good.