That pesky monitor mount (solved)

Just got my journeyman set this weekend and within 10min I knocked the brand new never even turned on monitor onto the the floor?! Nothing broke and all is well.

But, believe me when I tell you I’ve never built a piece of run and gun shop furniture so fast in my life. Must’ve slapped this new and improved monitor mount together in about 15min. Even made space for the makita wrenches. Hopefully this solves my clumsiness around brand new electronics! :rofl:


Love the pocket hole joinery. The two in front look like eyes squinting in the dark. The area between the bottom of the unit and the top of the table looks like a grimacing mouth. The wrenches look like a forked tongue. Perfect for halloween!


Looks like all the cables coming out on the right almost force you to move the display way off to the left. Is it possible to flip the display 180 deg. and have the cables on the left. Or 90 deg. and let them come out the top or bottom.

Good move on slamming something together before you ended with a two piece display. :weary:

Now when you get time you can make something more refined if you feel the need. But it’s just a shop tool so totally not necessary.

I don’t have my machine yet but after seeing all the issues with the mount I am thinking I will go to some sort of articulated arm with a more sturdy tablet mount. Something that will let me swing it completely out of the way and still have a good grip on the tablet.

Thanks! @Bob_D! This one is just a means to an end for now. Just a quick fix and will be changing as I figure out what my CNC workflow will ultimately be.( this is all new stuff for me to learn)I personally won’t have a need for anything that articulates based on how I’ve got my shop set up(I think??) I’ve routed the cables in a way that I can still easily hand hold the screen if needed but still look clean and secure. Here’s my whole set up as of last night. I’ve built the 72”x 48” work table specifically for this machine.


Thanks. I don’t love the pocket holes, but man they come in real handy sometimes!

Looks really nice John. Love the red t-track - where did you get it?

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@cyberreefguru thanks! I got it from amazon. just looked for TTrack.

I don’t have my machine yet but am thinking of a very similar waste board setup with Tee Tracks and separate pieces of MDF and dowel pins for repeatable setups. My question is how repeatable is the “Home” position to use for a zero position so I could potentially re-machine a single piece of waste board and have the dowel pins perfectly aligned with the other dowel pins in the other pieces of MDF?


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Not perfect but pretty damn consistent. Our own @cyberreefguru did a YT video recording his testing of homing accuracy & repeatability.

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I have been able to rotate the display 180deg using the information listed on this post from @mb0978

Flip 10" display 180 degrees

One option I am considering to replace the bracket is this method from @mkngjoy

Rock Solid Monitor Mount

Not sure if the bracket will hold the 10" monitor due to the attached piece on the back of the monitor, but I’ll probably remove it with a dremel as I do not want to go back to the included mount that came with the woodworker. The extra zip tie brackets I have added to zip tie it to the bracket arm in case it does pop off of from the magnets.


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I stuck a small screwdriver under the corner of the mount block and it popped off the prop arm pretty easily. It’s just glued on.

I bought this tablet dock and it seems to be pretty secure so far…

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Thanks Josh,

That looks like a good stand as well. I like the idea of attaching it to the table. Thanks for the link.

I see the stand part appears to be glued on as well on mine. I didn’t notice that before. Good to know so I don’t have to use the dremel.


After trying out a few options, I ended up deciding on a tablet mount from iBolt in place of the included mount from Onefinity. Thanks @Storm27m for the suggestion.

This is the mount I decided on, it holds the 10" monitor without having to remove the attached magnetic bracket. It is very sturdy and is raised from the table to a comfortable eye level. I also added a usb extension since my controller is now mounted under the table. Here are a few links for more info on the mount and usb extension.



Thanks, good post Chris.
Ordered both today.

This is what I came up with…

Gotta admit I had the same issue as John. Having the cables run out the right side makes no sense and lends itself to a very dicey setup. I decided to move the entire controller and monitor to the right and on the wall. That magnetic monitor mount will never see the light of day again.

I just removed the mag mount from my display. It came off easily, too easy to tell you the truth. Popped right off with very little persuasion from a putty knife.

I then used a tablet mount that grabs the display by the top and bottom. I believe it will be much more secure in this mount.

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How hard was it to switch everything over to the right side?did you move the box also?

I basically had to make new cables. It’s not really hard if you have the tools (which I do because I like to sleeve my cables for the PC). If you don’t, you’ll just have to get extension cables from Onefinity after which it would be straightforward. Yes, the entire controller box got mounted on the wall beside the Onefinity.

Does anyone have info on the new mount that is in Onefinity’s latest video? I haven’t been able to find it on their website.