Confirmed Aftermarket Screens/Monitors that work with the Onefinity

Dan, Make sure your connecting it to wall power. If you rely on the controller for power only, it will flash black.


Hey Daniel,

because of this.

@Aiph5u THANK YOU! Funny I searched for this and never found it. It explains what I now know. Just not sure if I missed it in all of the documentation or it’s not clearly stated. Either way, I appreciate the followup because the understanding of how it works (despite it now working) is helpful!

@OnefinityCNC That I am doing. Thank you for the followup.

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Let me clarify some things…for anyone else reading this.

  • I do have the monitor powered separately and not by the controller. (and yes, it does flash black if you try to power it from the controller)
  • USB-C and HDMI are connected to the controller

I have read that there is a need to power up the monitor and the controller in a specific sequence. This does not appear to matter with the monitor I got.

The only down side to this monitor (though not sure it is much different than any other) is that the 3 cords connect to the right side precariously by quite a ways. The monitor manual also states that you need to handle it specifically as to not break it. This means if it is on a monitor arm you can only adjust it by holding it in specific points around the edge. This is not surprising to me because it is pretty thin and not built like a tablet.

My thinking is to build a holder that the monitor recesses into along with cable channels to secure the connections. Then any movement of the monitor will use the holder/frame.

Hey Daniel,

you might be interested in this: How To Flip 10.8” Touchscreen 180 degrees.

You could create it with a VESA mounting interface in the back and then be interested in an Ergotron Monitor Mount or workstation.

See also Display and a CNC Controller in one case:

Also here many attempts to replace the stock monitor mount with something better and more secure:


@Aiph5u, Just wanted to shout-out a 'Thank You" for your always helpful and relevant posts that help so many.

Your thoughtful responses always complete with multiple links don’t go unnoticed. :sunglasses:


I agree, such a helpful and polite person, so helpful,


To your point of the cords coming from the right side. The fact that the cords extend as they do from either side makes me nervous. Flipping it would just move what I already consider an issue.

I built this prototype holder. After doing so I think I prefer the cords coming out the right side because they are protected between the monitor and the machine (soon an enclosure). My setup is not as clean as some I have seen but so far its working great. Once the enclosure is done the monitor will be able to fold up flat against the enclosure when not in use.

My shop is smaller and everything is mobile. So I am concerned with things getting wacked as they are moved.


Hey Daniel,

the fact that sockets are not anchored to the case of many electronic devices but unfortunately only soldered into the pcb produces so many failures, countless in my home and workshop. And even if one is able to solder, it is such a headache to open all these devices (many devices don’t even like that) and to resolder it that I have a stack of such crap that I doubt to resolder in time. And many are good tools, like the Cherry 3.0 MX blue and so on. So if you cannot replace the sockets by ones that are anchored on the case (often impossible), what you did is probably the best to cure the cause not the symptoms.

Very cool :slight_smile:

I concur with all of that. One of my constant fears is that the sockets get worn out. Example: USB sockets in airport lounges so often get worn out due to abuse and use. In some cases I use a dongle that never gets unplugged and connect through that so if a connection gets worn, I replace the dongle. I would not want to crack anything open to fix it.

Love me some root cause analysis!

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where did you buy the holder and arm for your monitor?

Amazon, here you go [HUANUO Single Monitor Mount - Articulating Gas Spring Monitor Arm, Adjustable Monitor Stand, Vesa Mount with Clamp and Grommet Base - Fits 17 to 30 In](HUANUO Single Monitor Mount - Articulating Gas Spring Monitor Arm, Adjustable Monitor Stand, Vesa Mount with Clamp and Grommet Base - Fits 17 to 30 In


I purchased both on Amazon.

Max P Brough
171 W 575 S
Layton, Utah 84041
Cell: (801) 499-7656

“A smart phone allows us to communicate with someone far far away, but makes it difficult to converse with someone in the same room.”

Thank you for this. I have just purchased a refurbished one off eBay for $199 after seeing your recommendation. :slight_smile:


Confirming that this worked for me: AYY 15” found on Amazon (inexpensive, comparatively).
AYY Portable Laptop Monitor…

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Dell S2340T 23in touchscreen monitor works perfectly, touchscreen is perfect for my bad eyes and fat fingers.


I realize this is an old listing but the links on Amazon keep changing - so here’s the screen I just bought. The controls are a little funky but the screen works great once it’s set up.
G-STORY 15.6 Touchscreen

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13.3inch TouchScreen monitor installed today and working fine


Looks like a nice unit. Good resolution, good size, etc. Now that you have it, would you go larger or smaller or is this just right? Thanks for posting.

I use a laptop with a monitor and mouse set up about 10’ away. Works fine but it would be nice to just tap on the screen beside the CNC when using the probe for setting z-height, etc. Just a convenience thing so I wouldn’t want to spend too much on it.