Mounts for Touchscreen- raising

Just setting up new x35 and hearing all the sad stories knocking off the touchscreen and breaking it. I’ve decide to mount on a separate table, next to x35, and raise it so it is easier to see/use. I would appreciate seeing pictures of how other people did what I want to do. Thx

[iBOLT TabDock FixedPro 360 -Heavy Duty Metal 8" Multi-Angle Drill Base Mount for All 7" - 10" Tablets (iPad, Nexus, Samsung Tab) for Trucks, ELD’s, Wall mounting, Countertops, etc.]

This is the mount I have and it works great. Someone on this forum posted the link along with pictures but I can’t seem to find it now.

Found it. I’m on nights this week so I’m a little slow.

That’s the one I use on my table - I have a Fisher style table with a cabinet on one end. I put the arm on the cabinet top and the controller is mounted inside the cabinet with the cables coming up through the cabinet. Works great. I swivel it in line with the X-axis when I’m using the table and then in line with the Y-axis when I tilt the table and put it against the wall. That way it’s easy to use when I’m using the table and it’s safe from being knocked around when I’m working in the garage and the 1F is stored away.

Thanks for responses so far.