That pesky monitor mount (solved)

Thanks for the Idea. Mine has held pretty well so farand the cabling itself is stapled to the wall so if it falls it wont got far, at least one will catch it. But this is a good idea and will be doing it myself

It’s a new mount we’ve been sending with new units for the past 3 months or so. Once we have more stock from our suppliers, we’ll put it up on the website.


The new screen mount:

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Do you sell the displays independently? I don’t see them on the accessories page.

Only to users who need a replacement.

You can use a TV with HDMI plug along with a keyboard and mouse or there is a listing on the onefinity forum with suggested touchscreens if tou want that.

Oh I already purchased my own 15" touch screen, I was just curious.

Hey Auntjemimma, hey all,

here is that list of touch displays that work with the Onefinity Controller.

As the Onefinity Controller contains a Raspberry Pi, any HDMI (or DVI-D or DVI-I which is compatible to HDMI) computer monitor will do, and of course any USB input device like keyboards, mice, trackballs (I like trackballs on CNC controllers. Unlike mice they need no space on a surface and are also very practical when you are standing, since they also work when mounted on a vertical surface :slight_smile:) e.g. the Kensington Orbit with Scroll Ring (usable for both right/left-handers)

The list of monitors above is for Touch Monitors, the touch device inside the monitor is an USB input device too and has to be connected independently of the display part of the monitor.

Don’t choose too small touch display

What I think about Touch screens is that on a CNC controller or a similar machine, one should always think of “how thick is my index finger?”, and choose a monitor size where the buttons of the virtual display keyboard and the buttons fo the Jog Pane are bigger than your finger tip. That would mean that the monitor to choose should be rather large. If it’s too small, you press wrong buttons too easily. For that reason, I never thought of buying the touch monitor Onefinity offered (it is for very, very small people and you should not have presbyopia (but people >45 usually have) :slight_smile: )

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I purchased a used Dell 2418HT 24" touchscreen. I got it on Ebay from a seller who was upgrading to a larger screen. Less than a year old. I paid $140 shipped. Do your research. I did and it paid off works great and at 69 I don’t have any trouble seeing it and touching the wrong spot on the monitor. Good luck!