First part run on the Journeyman

Hello All,

I’ve had it for a couple weeks and finally got the wires squirreled away, ran test cuts, and it was finally time to run parts.

Here are photos of a fixture/pallet to slot ten hair forks. I love this thing! It will slot ten blanks in the time it took me to do one on the manual milling machine. And yes that includes loading and unloading the pallet.

Unfortunately I’m unable to upload a video but it is my lates post on Instagram. @MustCreateThings

Thank you to everyone for your help while I was waiting for the machine to ship it made setup and getting this far in two weeks possible.

Happy Holidays Everyone.



Morning Mike,

If you want to post video’s on the forum the best way is to upload them to YouTube and then just post the link. Hope that helps in the future for you!


OK, I’ll bite. What’s a hair fork?


Its a fork used to hold up long hair in a bun. :slight_smile:



Nice work! Do you plan to curve them on the OF as well?

Tell us a bit about that monitor mount please. Did you continue to use the magnets or go to a more rigid/fixed solution.

Hello @Alphonse

Thank you for your kind words!

I won’t end up carving them on the OF. I plan on making a similar fixture to profile them. I don’t think the OF will be able to carve faster than me but I bet I try that soon enough as well.

I did not use the magnets. I ended up making a plate and attaching the monitor with double stick tape. It’s working well. I did use magnets for a controller dock though…


Alex nailed it! Here is a photo of what they end up looking like.


Great looking monitor and accessories mounts Mike!

What printer are you using and what filament? Looks like PLA? Where did you procure the aluminum tube?

BTW, I also saw the finished hair forks and they are beautiful.

@Alphonse Thanks again.

I use a modified Ender 3 Pro and Matterhackers Pro PLA. I designed it for the aluminum tube because I came across some scrap years ago and keep coming up with reasons to use it. It’s 1" diameter ~.0625 wall and was light enough for this application.

I’m happy to share the files as-built if you are interested. You can have the Fusion 360 file if you want to tweak it for your purposes or spin it for inspiration.


Are you sharing or selling the game controller STL mount?

@TheyCallMeJohn of course I’ll share them. They use four 12mm diameter 2mm thick magnets. I’ll add it tip thingiverse in the next couple days.

Unless I can post an STL here?

@MustCreateThings Mike, thanks for the kind offer to share the file. I use Fusion and can gin something up that suits my arrangement. I found your concept very interesting and I’ll remember what you did.

I don’t have a wall to hang the display off of and will likely mount it on a stalk off the table, to the left of the machine.

Not sure about STL posting.

Hey Mike,

Yes. You can use the little “Upload” icon in the top bar of the composer window (authorized extensions: 7z, ai, bz2, c2d, con, cps, crv, crv3d, dfx, dwg, dxf, eps, f3d, gcode, gif, heic, heif, img, jpeg, jpg, json, lbdev, nc, ngc, mp4, pdf, png, pp, skp, step, stl, stp, svg, zip).

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Here are the STL files for the controller mount.

Units = mm
I printed them in PLA and they use four 12mm diameter (2mm thick) magnets. I also use foam double-stick tape as it seems to stick better to the controller plastic. You could also glue the plate if you are worried about it coming apart.

I hope these help. Sorry, it took so long.


MCT_ControllerMount_Body.stl (82.1 KB)
MCT_ControllerMount_MagPlate.stl (56.3 KB)


Mike are you super gluing the magnets in place?

@Alphonse the magnets are press-fit and are holding well. Glue wouldn’t hurt though.