My latest project!


Oh, wait, that’s probably not what this forum is for, right?? :grimacing::joy:

Observations so far:

  1. It arrived. ON TIME. Amazing.
  2. It is heavy as h*ll. Super sturdy.
  3. Boxes all banged up, but everything inside looks fine. Great packaging.
  4. No arms for dust boot, so probably need to use X-Carve to make the spoil board.

All in all - excellent experience so far. Kudos to the entire @OnefinityCNC team - Nice Work!

Pix already on Instagram, and videos coming soon.

Can’t wait to get it fired up!



In regards to #4, did you not order the dust boot or did the arms not ship?

@gad5264 - they didn’t ship. The note said they didn’t want to delay the machine, so they shipped without the arms. Not a big deal and it was nice they made the decision to ship so I wasn’t wondering were the machine was :slight_smile:



Right?! This was the first thing that caught me off - in a good way. These rails are stout!