Upgrade for screen mount

I really disliked the original mount as it didn’t rotate and found that I kept having to bend over to see it. I had also installed the Rowdy Roman Camera mount. I decided I would mount the camera on the pole with an inexpensive clamp mount from Amazon. While this worked pretty well to raise the monitor and allow for more movement, I found that the pole interfered with the router cord when it was homing.

To solve this I designed and printed a new lower mount that attaches where the old screen mount attached. This brings it forward so it doesn’t interfere when the machine is homing.

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That’s a pretty cool upgrade over the “stock” mount; I got tired of how floppy it was and just purchased a monitor arm and mounted (aka zip tied) the screen to that, it’s far more sturdy and the range of motion is greatly improved.
Is that a separate screen for turning on the power to the router and vacuum? Very cool setup!

Yes that screen is connected to an Arduino that controls two 30A relays for the Vac and router. I am planning to connect the controller to the arduino to drive the power to these via gcode and to provide an override capability. It will also be expanded for any other add ons I may have such as LED lighting. This is just the first stage but has already been very useful.

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