I got shipping news today :):)

I got my official email from onefinity today :slight_smile: the order has been shipped kind of anti-climactic as ups has already notified me it was coming, but it is still great news. very very excited. order 30641


yes it is here be back in a few… hours


When did you order it, and what model? I have 3-5 weeks to watch YouTube videos until my Journeyman comes!

i got a journeyman as well. I ordered it on July 13 got it today Aug. 22

Congrats, Robert!
I received my Woodworker x-50 yesterday, August 22nd as well. #30882 ordered on July 25th. It only took about 3 days in transit to Western North Carolina.

cool i am still setting mine up not the actual machine but all the little upgrades