Waiting on order to ship

So, I had the Journeyman X50 in my cart for so long, that when I placed my order on January 11th, it had the 10.8" display/screen in the configuration. I received an email a few days later, but didn’t see my email until February 2nd (due to a personal situation). The email was from a super nice gentleman at OneFinity explaining that the 10.8" screens are hard to source, so they changed the configuration to the 8" display/screen. I was asked if I wanted the 8" with a $20 refund, or no screen and use my own or a laptop. I chose the 8" screen with $20 refund.

After a few emails, I asked when I could expect my system (Journeyman X50) to ship, but didn’t expect a response since the situation he initially emailed me about was handled. He respectfully responded back that my order number 25213, has a tentative ship date of April 3rd. I think orders are shipping faster than planned (which is good business practice - beat the deadline for customers), so I don’t expect it to take that long. However, at least I have a tentative date to expect it to ship by Thanks OneFinity!

Great customer service so far.

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