X50 Woodworker delivery schedule

Howdy folks. I recently ordered an X50 Woodworker. I know I’ve got a bit longer to wait, but I’m anxious to get carving. Most of the delivery updates I’ve seen here recently are for the Journeyman. The Woodworker has a shorter lead time. For those of you who have recently received your Woodworker, when did you order?

In the meantime, I’ll just go back to obsessively researching and watching YouTube videos…

I am sure everyone’s experience is different but I ordered my X50 Woodworker December 15th 2021 and it arrived January 20th 2022.

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I ordered the X50 woodie on December 26,just received the three UPS tracking # for a delivery on February 2 We’ll hoody…

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I ordered the X50 woodworker upgrade on Dec 31, and I’m getting a week of March 20 ship date!

:grin: set expectations then over-deliver - never disappoint.

Ordered the x50 wood Dec 24. It came today! Jan 27. So it seems they are about a month out.

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