X axis cable coming unplugged

I have had my X-50 woodworker for a few months now. 3 times i have had my x axis cable come loose while the machine was running a program. It results in the bit driving itself across the material at its current depth.

Has anyone else had this happen? I thought about hot gluing the connection to keep it from popping out.

I was just curious if anyone had a fix for this issue

I can’t say I’ve had that particular issue but I added hot glue to each of the axis connectors as a precaution for what you described.

I had similar issue a couple of weeks ago, while running a program, my Z axis stepper motor suddenly went wild burying my bit on the workpiece and bit broke,
I didn’t know what was going on wrong at that time so I triggered the emergency cut off switch. Aftermath is the exit menu (logout/shut down) now shows black command lines and partial logo of onefinity, obviously the exit menu got corrupted by the emergency stop triggering :frowning: but the OF still works so its a minor concern now.

The cause of the problem was a detached wire of the Z axis stepper motor that I traced after a suggestion from OF support. I traced it by using multimeter continuity test.

The Molex connector is not 100% reliable and has to be checked every once in awhile. I will use an automotive fire proof tape to lock the connectors together as soon as I get back to the shop and I am also looking at other ways to replace the molex altogether.

My OF was back in service after a day of rechecking all my connectors just to make sure it will not happen again due to that wire issue.


Seems like OF is having more and more reliability issues with the connectors. I’m wondering if I should be doing regular checking or if that would make things worse?


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my suggestion will be to make final check that connector pins are sitting properly then lock or tape them together and better fix it in position so that it will not be pulled when the gantry moves especially those who use extension cables :slight_smile:

I got a set of tube caps (keep sawdust out) and wiring connector shields from @RowdyRoman. Those provide a little longer lateral support of the wire coming from the connector as well as shield it from sawdust intrusion. They are a clamshell design that snaps into the 1F frame and close around the cable behind the connector. I ziptied the clamshell together the keep any cable movement from pulling the clamshell open.


@RowdyRoman sells the 3D files for these! Nice!