Z axis doing strange things? - SOLVED

Hello friends!! I have been using my Onefinity pretty regularly for well over a year now. Have never had any issues until yesterday… was doing some profile cuts in some 1/4" MDF when the z axis suddenly drove straight down through the material and smashed the collet nut into the piece!! Thankfully I was there to stop the carve… strange thing is that I’ve ran this same toolpath several times before without any issues. Why all of a sudden?? Today, I start things up in preparation of another carve and the z axis won’t home. It goes all the way up, then almost all the way down and says it can’t find the probe block??? Why would it be looking for the probe block when homing? When I use the joystick to manually move the z axis, it sounds very rough, then smooth, then rough again. The direction seems to be all over the place too. When I move it up, it’ll move up a short distance then switch and move down, all while I’m still pushing up on the joystick? It will change speeds as well when moving manually? Very strange… Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be happening? Controller bad? Step motor failing? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!!

Hey Adam,

this reminds me of this. The cause of the issue was this.

I would check point 3) in this FAQ document.

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I can’t believe I missed this!!.. The connection on the back side just before it goes into my drag chain was just slightly unplugged! Snapped it back together and started up the machine… she runs good as new again! Thank you!! Never having an issue like this before had me a little complacent about the wiring… Will definitely keep a closer eye on these from now on…