Possible Cause for controller malfunction

Just an observation in my machine set up, work today, using 1F Journeyman received Feb 2022. While using MDI and doing some very basic movements with the 1F to mark and set up the spoil board. It was clearly obvious the machine was NOT responding properly. using positive movements in the x brought about minus (-) travel. movements were NOT proper for the value given into MDI. It acting very peculiar.
Restarted the controller and was still having problems.


Turned off the phone, turned off the blue tooth headphones and controller became rock solid again.
So the questions are is the controller looking for wi-fi at all times? can this be turned off? are there other wireless signals the controller is seeking for ?

This experience seemed to be 100% interference from my cell phone and possibly blue tooth signals and this needs to be KNOWN, as a possible CAUSE if you CRASH a program / project that may have already had many hours invested. Cheers!

Hey Douglas,

that a malfunction of the machine could be caused by your smartphone is extremely unlikely.

However, a fault in which the stepper motor runs in the wrong direction is practically always a cable problem. As the connectors are the weak spot of this machine, this is seen frequently, e.g. like in this case.

The connectors (not the controller) are the weak spot on this machine, especially combined with the lack of strain relief on this machine. That’s why I would first check what is described in this FAQ document under point 3). This is the most common cause of such problems.