Z at random depths during 3D carve. Help!

I’m using Carveco and doing a 3D carve when I noticed the z depth was random along each path of the raster. It appears to not cut as deep as it needs to at times, causing ugly lines that are 1/16 to 1/32 different in depth.

I’m using the Journeyman X50 v1.0.9 with the file coming from Carveco Maker Plus.

Makita router, Skinny Jenny bit and standard shop vac. (Cut tested with and without shop vac for emi)

The router and black box are on one dedicated outlet while the shop vac is on a different dedicated outlet.

I’m running at 60ipm, approximately 18000 rpm, and 7% step over. When the depth doesn’t change, the cut is super smooth and my machine is trammed and calibrated properly.

What could be causing this issue?

Hey Andrew,

this is a frequently reported issue. See here for examples. However the possibles causes can vary.

The main causes are

  1. connectors without strain relief (solution: retrofit serious cable management),

  2. the Z curly cable breaking internally after one year of use because it is not made for permanent motion (solution: retrofit serious cable management),

  3. the effect of EMI from the router on the unshielded :frowning: stepper motor cables (solution: retrofit serious cable management, replace EMI-emitting unearthed router by earthed spindle with fully shielded cabling and VFD in earthed control cabinet, finally: ground the machine correctly). Also besides shielded cables, snap-on ferrite cores can reduce EMI.

The manufacturer offers these Support FAQ documents for your issue:

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