Machine ramping when not called for

I’m cutting a two side mirror image on 2.5 thick walnut.
Build Dimensions26.5 long
8.0 wide
2.5 thick.
2 side mirrored image

I’ve set my cut dept 1.25
With a .25 end mill using five passes

Ive homed the machine then reset the end mill at the bottom left corner of the project. Zero of the top of the material

Give command to cut and it ramps down about one inch in about 20" of run

What am I doing wrong. NEED HELP PLEASE

Hey Tom,

this kind of failure has been reported relatively frequently.

When this happens (like here, here or here) the cause is usually a cable/connector problem on Z stepper motor cable.

Check if all cable connectors for the Z stepper motor sit correctly on all connections between Onefinity CNC Controller and the Z stepper motor.

Then mill air (no workpiece or better no milling bit) to check if you can reproduce the error.

See also


Thanks I’ll try that and let you know the out come

yeah man it got me real good and it was a pin pushed back on the curly cable connector.
emi can cause this too but id about lay money on it being a connector problem

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