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I have posted on here before about my issues with my Onefinity. I am assuming I am still fighting EMI, but i am not sure and I am at a loss as to what to do. Since I have upgraded to the Z20 slider and Huangyang spindle, i have had issues with the machine losing position. I have only had issues with the Z-Axis. I have since slowed all my settings related to velocity and speed to half of factory suggested settings. This allows me to run the machine with no issues. However, it adds quite a bit of cycle time to my carves. I do mainly 3d relief work and it is not uncommon for my machine to run 24 hours nonstop. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I was hoping yhe upgrade to the Z20 would save me time, not slow my machine down. Almost ready to put my original slider back on with the noisy Makita.

I would suggest separating the spindle cable from any stepper motor cables if they are run in parallel through a drag chain or similar. Also, when you installed the Z20 you would have disconnected Z stepper motor connection to connect the new one, I would inspect this connector carefully to ensure it is not damaged in any way, and validating the pin fitment is good.

You could also run a cycle test with the spindle off, zero the Z off a reference block above the wasteboard, run the carve (spindle off) then return back to the Z zero point and measure if it has drifted. This would provide an indication if there is an issue with the stepper motor/wiring itself.

When I had the BB controller I would run very long cycles on multiple parts using the Z16 and a 2.2kw HY spindle with no measurable drift. I no longer have the BB controller so I can’t give you first hand experience with the Z20 and BB.


If you are going to remove things to get more reliability, I would remove one thing at a time to try and narrow down the issue.

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Hey Robert,

do you know that

  1. the stock stepper motor cables on both Elite and Original Series are not shielded (not usual on CNC machines in industry), and at same time

  2. a VFD is a heavy source of EMI so you have to take care…

    1. of the fact that a VFD is a device intended for installation in a grounded control cabinet (especially since on the Onefinity, the stepper motors cables are not shielded and a VFD is always a heavy source of EMI, which is why you put it into the control cabinet (that acts as faraday cage then))

    2. to select a suitable spindle power cable and to wire, shield and terminate the spindle cable correctly (for this, see also this important document)

    3. that your entire CNC setup is properly grounded (see also materials and tools needed for this)?


Hey Ryan,

I always strongly suggest this :wink: Doing so is wise. Unfortunately, many people disregard this important source of insight.


Hey Robert,

I strongly agree to this.


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So i havent responded sooner. Life ya know. Thank you all for the feedback, no pun intended. You have given me some things to try. I am going to purchase sheilding for the infinity cables as well as grounding everything better. My plugs seem fine, but will investigate them further if the above doesnt work. My machine is running night and day, would be nice to get things back to normal to i can get things done faster.

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yep check that Z connector well. it got me back when i first got my machine and liked to never figured it out lol

Also use a real dust collector rather than a shop vac. Shop vacs can generate static electricity that can stop your machine.

Also talked to a buddy of mine that fought emi on his home made 3d printer. He swears by these clamp on ferrite thingys. They are cheap enough so ibam going to give them a shot.

Hey Robert, hey all,

there exist snap-on ferrite cores. They first of all help against the monitor intermittent issue when put on the monitors HDMI cable.

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