Machine stops and zeroes mid cut

Not sure what the issue is, but I am well within my parameters and my cut has stopped 2 times now and zeroed itself out. Any input would be much appreciated. Also, my screen has been blinking on and off randomly during cuts, but I believe that’s a separate issue.

EMI, Flickering, Black or Blank screen:

If you have verified you have the cables connected correctly and the screen is blinking on and off during a cut, you may be experiencing EMI. Ensure you have the controller and screen on one outlet, and the vacuum and spindle/router on a separate circuit/outlet. If that does not correct the issue, consider placing ferrite cores on each cable that connects to the screen:

What is emi? Electromagnetic interference - Wikipedia

Symptoms of not connecting correctly, touch doesn’t work and screen flickers black.


Okay, I’ll check that out. What do you think the issue could be with the machine just randomly zeroing out? I just tried the cut for the 3rd time and it keeps doing it.

Thanks for that. I had assumed that the screen had taken one too many tumbles to the floor (because why not, hand-eye coordination is NOT one of my strong suits). Now I’ve got to scrutinize for more “operator error” to see if the screen’s actually fine and I’m the problem. :smiley:

EMI, like the above post points to.

I swapped around the setup and I have the controller plugged into one outlet and then the router plugged into a separate outlet. I’m still getting about 1 minute into the cut and it still stops and zeros at its current position. I have ferrite cores on my cables as well and I’m also making sure that none of the cables are touching just to be sure. I’ve had the machine in the same position for over a year, so I’m not sure why the issue would present itself now.

Is it any cut you run or a specific file that continues to fail? Can you run it successfully by air cutting without a bit or z height above your workpiece with the router turned off?

Ill test that, but it seems to be any cut right now. I was in the middle of making a dish and then it started happening. I thought I’d switch things up and get a new spoil board surfaced and its doing it on that as well.

are these separate circuits or just outlets?

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Does the same thing on separate and same circuits.

Did you try running your G code without actually cutting anything like Derek said? Are all 3 axis zeroing out or just one?