Screen going blank

When I am running on hard maple under more of a load, the screen will go blank for 1-3. This happens appears to happen when it plunges and starts a cut. Evan at 30 ipm at .125 cut depth with .25 spiral bit.
What is causing this? Machine is 2 weeks old and is a woodworker 50.

Hard to say from the description but the symptoms are similar to others who have had issues with EMI from the routers affecting the display or other functions. People have solved these issues by installing ferrite cores on the monitor cables and/or bonding the chassis to a ground.

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Thanks, I will try the ferrite cores.

Look down into the top of your router when it’s under load. If you see sparks it will cause EMI interference. My Mikita started doing this and new brushes didn’t help. I think I stressed it carving white oak. A new router solved my problems. My dust collection and vacuum are on a separate circuit.

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I did see sparks thru the top. I had run some hard maple. The router is new, hope not to have to buy new one. Thanks for the info.