Onefinity Controller Not Turning On

I was in the process of finally mounting my Onefinity Controller (black box). I was moving the controller while it was on and it suddenly turned off and it wont turn back on. I checked the emergency stop and it doesnt appear to be triggered. I pulled the emergency stop and its not engaged. I then checked all of the cabling and everything is still plugged in properly. When I try to turn on the controller I dont hear the fan going and the screen shows there is no input. Any help hear would be much appreciated. Thanks!


did you twist the e-stop to disengage, or just pulled it?

Twisted it and pulled. I’m almost positive Its disengaged. Is it possible that the emergency stop could be broken?

If you are sure you have power to the controller then it’s
more likely that you didn’t turn it far enough to reset the E-stop.

Try again.
Hit the E-stop and then reset it.
Rotate until it won’t turn any further.
It should rotate about 90 degrees IIRC and pop up.

Was that the action you experienced when you previously reset the E-stop?

Double check your USB cables to the display.
Do you have the power fed to the correct USB port?
One is for power to the display and the other connects to the controller.
Turn the display on and wait a few seconds.
Apply power to the controller and you should have a normal boot sequence.

The display is definitely not the issue, its booted up and showing no signal message.

When I pull and rotate the e stop it is definitely protruding more and staying that way. I pressed the e stop again and it definitely popped inwards. I’ve been playing around with the e stop for a while now and no matter what I do the controller no longer turns on. I am using the fan noise it usually makes when on as a point of reference to determine that it is not on.

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I think my next move then would be to get in touch with Onefinity.

I would be inclined to check the output of the controller power supply
with a DMM but wait before going any further without talking to Onefinity.

If you don’t have a meter and/or not comfortable taking voltage readings
then just wait and talk to Onefinity Support.

Did you see this thread?


I’ve never cared for the e-stop button on the controller. I’ve used this one on my CNC controller projects. They have a smooth, easy, fluid motion with a very quality feel. I believe this switch has the same size threaded body as the one in the 1F controller, so it would be a relatively easy replacement, if one were so inclined.

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It turns out that my switch needed to be re-assembled. I used this video in the thread you linked: Support : Servicing A Faulty Power Switch - YouTube

There was not much dust in it at all, so I feel like a part got loose in the switch.

Everything appears to be working great now. After taking the thing apart I definitely feel the need to buy some higher quality parts.


@NSChris, the button I linked to is 19mm, and there are also 22mm versions of basically the same thing, so be sure to measure the switch hole if you do decide to order a replacement.

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If I were going to the trouble of replacing the OEM E-stop I think I would install a jack in place of the switch and make it a remote with a cable that plugged into the box. Then you could mount the controller out of the way (and dust) and still have instant access to the e-stop if/when needed.


@Bob_D Excellent idea!

Thanks for sharing the video, that worked for me. :smiley: