Controller dead? Won't start anymore [solved]

Good day.

I noticed a little while back that the hdmi touch screen was blinking and today I found that the HDMI screen’s power was not connected, meaning that the blinking was likely due to the screen trying to source it’s current from the USB port meant for touch communication.

Today I found the controller dead. It’s not turning on, swapped power cords, nothing.

Where do I start with diagnosing the problem?

As always, Emailing is the only official way to get tech support :stuck_out_tongue:

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It was the dirty contact in the rocker power button. Followed the video:

took it off, cleaned contacts with compressed air and alcohol swab, reassembled and it powered on.


I had the same problem. You need to contact Support at They will walk you through how to trouble shoot your problem. Good luck. They are great to work with.

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