Spindle change 1.5 KW to a 2.2kw motor

I have a huanyang vfd model HY02D223B i am sing a 1.5 kw 220 volt water cooled spindle. i am changing to a 2.2. kw. motor. the swap looks easy
wiring is the same.
water cooled lines are the same
i have the 80 mm OF spindle mount and all of the screws seem to move
The connector is the same.
so now the programing of the VFD? I have read the HY manual twice reviewed m noes when i programed the unit for the 1.5 kw spindle.
Is there any programming changes needed? i cannot find any reference to the motor KW in the programing

If I remember VFD parameter PD142 regulate amperage of motor but usually have the upper limit force by manufacturer to protect hardware. My 1.5kw spindle needed 8amp and my new 2.2kw need 11amp. That’s why I bought a new vfd because 8amp was not enough.

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I knew there was a reason i posted this instead of pushing forward, i will dig into PD 142.
i know the motor is 10 amp and pd 142 doe ask for the “rated motor Current” you are on the money as always.
Thank you so much and i do get a kick out of your wink.


  • Hose did not fit (may drill out the nut or order different hose)

  • Electrical connector was different it will need to be cut from the other connector and soldered to the 2.2kw connector. but this time I will connect the ground.

  • The VFD needed reprograming as Ghislain stated earlier.

  • Taking the Z slider off was a challenge just as others have stated. It was like the screws were glued in fastening the back plates. I must have over torqued screws I put in when I first assembled the Z slider to the X axis.

and I am having FUN :thinking:

Finally finished the installation and tramming of the 80mm water cooled spindle. Now for some 1/2” bits as funds allow.

Pleased to say it is with in .004 over a 20” span…

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Hey Dave,

now this looks nice!

Did you have problems to loose the two set screws as mentioned here? Did you reuse the same set screws when reassembling and was this difficult?

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I use a hot air gun and warmed it up first,but it still was difficult,I was able to reuse everything. My biggest challenge was a couple of the screws that hold the slider to the x axis. I almost had to drill it out but gave it a shoot with a manual impact screwdriver I have and it broke loose. The screws seam to almost lock into the aluminum. I am hoping I will not have to do it again. If I go to the x-50 I am not looking forward to taking z slider off. :crossed_fingers:

Hey David,

I thank you for the details. As the issue is still open I will save your info.

Hot air gun
Impact screw driver

Is is a hand held impact screw driver not a battery operated driver. Much more control

Hey David,

yes I assumed a hand held impact screw driver

The one I own looks similar to this one, yours too?

– Source: Hooperbloob at English Wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Yes just like that. You are good!