220 volt spindle

   I am waiting for my unit and like other spending funds on all the items needed to operate the complete CNC.  I woke up this morning in a panic. I purchased a 1500 w 65 mm spindle 220 volt. I had 220 on the wall and it gave me a larger collet. Will the controller be able to handle 220 volts, one-off or rpm changes . Or should I return the spindle. Did I screw up?

I do not know why my posting looks like a ticker tape?

I’m presuming that spindle uses a VFD to power it correct? If so, the controller doesn’t actually power the spindle directly. The controller only sends a voltage signal, indicating how fast the VFD should spin the spindle.

You will need a DB25 Breakout board in order to connect the VFD (PIN 13/14). Details outlined here Buildbotics - How to use a VFD spindle driver.

If it’s a PWM Spindle instead (which I doubt if it’s 220v) - Connecting a PWM Spindle

P.S. on the DB25 board, you need a female plug, not sure why the Onefinity controller has a male plug on the controller, as it’s typical to put a female plug anywhere you have voltage across pins, especially in a non-clean environment. It’s wrong.


Thank you So much for responding to my concern. The spindle I purchased does have a VFD so thank goodness the unit will work. I will order that breakout board and figure out which plug I need to get
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