I need indept info on SPINDLES

I’m sure I’m not the first to ask this question, but I can’t seem to find an answer…
I’ve been reading up alot on spindles for my journeyman, and I’m ready to buy one, but, I really only want to purchase once and not have to upgrade in the future to a better or larger one, I so I want to start with the biggest one I can get for my CNC, I would like it to be water cooled 220V, w/VFD the whole works, also do I need a larger hold down for this spindle?

Hey Carlos,

if you mean the biggest by size, on the Onefinity CNC you can mount a 80 mm diameter spindle with the optional 80 mm spindle mount. If you mean the biggest power, this would mean 2.2 kW, as more powerful spindles usually have a larger diameter. If you mean biggest milling bits, you should buy a spindle with ER20 collet size since this will allow you to use milling bits with shank diameter of up to 13 mm (including 1/2″ shanks).

If you mean a big sum of money, I would recommend Mechatron ATC-8022-42-HSK25 2.2 kW 42,000 rpm water-cooled (unboxing video) with HSK-E 25 machine taper and automatic tool change (automatic tool change video), a cooling station and a ready-to-use electrical and pneumatic control cabinet with Omron MX2 2.2 kW VFD inside.

If you want something simpler but still industry-grade, you could go with HFS-8022-24-ER20 2.2 kW 24,000 rpm water-cooled (datasheet), buy an empty control cabinet and equip it yourself with a VFD and the rest. At least two persons in this forum own this spindle. Note that it is recommendable to always buy the spindle cable from spindle manufacturer.

Note that some people replace their z axis assembly (see also here and here) which would allow for even larger spindles.

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Thank you, so after looking at your response, it seems I’ll stick with the 220v 2.2 kw 80mm spindle, I will buy the whole kit, it comes with a bigger mount, but I might purchase OneFinity’s mount they sell.
Thank you again

Hey Carlos,

unfortunately you cannot mount third-party spindle mounts on the Onefinity so you will definitely need to order the optional 80 mm spindle mount (except if you replace the Onefinity’s z axis assembly (see also here and here)

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I bought the 1F 80mm spindle mount when I ordered my Journeyman. Swapping it from the 65mm took about 10 minutes.

I bought the Huanyang 220v kit with VFD (Amazon $390). My kit did come with a 220v water pump, so I bought another 110v pump for about $20.

I also bought the Breakout box, from !F, so my Controller controls the spindle start/stop and speed. So when I set the speed for the bit, inside the toolpath in vCarve, I know the correct speed is set for that bit and can also see and verify on the VFD.

The spindle uses the Er20 collets, and I bought a couple of spare collets (through AVID) so I have an 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" for easy bit changes.

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Thank you, thats the route I wanna go, I just want to get everything up front instead of upgreading latter on.

Here’s my setup, I also did drag chains


Thats is a great cabinet, I may have to borrow some ideas from you :slight_smile: