220v 2.2kw spindle compatability

Am trying to configure a new ONEFINITY and I want to know if I can use the 220v spindle with the ONEFINITY controller? I’ve read post here about a 110v air cooled spindle but see nothing on the 220v water cooled spindle. HELP ME PLEASE!

Hey David,

there must be a space between the value and the unit (SI Units → Lexicographic conventions):

Also 220 V is used neither in the USA nor in the EU, but mainly in China, in the EU you have

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I think you will find plenty of information about 200 V class VFD / water-cooled spindle in this forum!

If you want to use a 2.2 kW spindle, you will need the 80 mm spindle mount. The question will be if you want a ER-20 collet which would allow for 13 mm / 1/2 inch bit shanks, or an ER-16 collet.

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Hey David,

your posting contains a bit little information.

Of course you can use a 220 V spindle on the Onefinity CNC machine. If it’s a 2.2 kW spindle, you will need the 80 mm spindle mount.

To operate a spindle, you need a VFD. Have you already bought one, and if so, which manufacturer, and which exact model is it?

The Onefinity Controller supports ModBus communication with VFDs via a serial connection. For this you have to select the appropriate VFD in the TOOLS page of the Onefinity Controller. You can also run a model that is not supported, by using a custom configuration.

The exact data for the configuration of the VFD and for the connection differ between VFD brands and models, you have to consult the manual of the VFD.

To connect the VFD to the Onefinity Controller you have to connect a shielded, twisted pair cable from pins 13 and 14 of the 25-pin I/O port of the Onefinity Controller to the RS485+ and RS485- pins of the VFD, and the shield to ground. See the instructions in your VFD manual.

I HAVE NOT purchased a spindle yet, is there a particular manufacturer that you could suggest?

I am looking for a water-cooled spindle to cut hardwood and aluminum.

I understand the need for a 80mm mount and the shielded cables.

I already have my shop wired for 220v & 110v so electricity will not be a problem either way.

Hey David,

I bought the Mechatron…

… spindle, because I did not yet have the money to buy the …

Although the forum members who bought the Mechatron HFS-8022-24-ER20 spindle (at least three are running it) are very satisfied with it, some people (who did not yet run it) say they don’t see the price for the german spindle justified and bought either a cheap Chinese spindle, or an expensive Chinese spindle. But you could also buy a different European spindle brand or a U.S. spindle.

I also bought this cooling station for the spindle and a set of class 1 ER-20 collets from Mechatron, and the Omron 3G3MX2-AB022-E VFD for 2.2 kW motor and 200 V class single-phase input from a CNC parts supplier. I am building and equipping my VFD Control cabinet myself (what do you need to do this?) since I have the knowledge and the tools required (will publish a howto with photos when I’m finished).

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