Which spindle to run on 220V

Newb cnc user here. Planning on getting the Journeyman with 80mm mount. What spindle do you guys recommend using? I have 220v in my garage. Ideally I’d like to get an all in one system so including a vfd if necessary.

Also I’ve noticed some companies like axiom include a spindle in which the cooling system is self contained. I tried looking but can’t seem to find an aftermarket spindle with that feature. Do they exist as an aftermarket part?


Hi, I’m from the UK and newbie 1F user (July 2021). I went for this one from 3dTEK (Milton Keynes). Optidrive E3 VFD. Just completed installation and “commission (1st cut today)”. Much quieter than hand held Makita. Air cooled so no mucking around with water, pipes and pumps. Read their blog, quiet informative for a newbie.

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@jussi Hi im also from the uk and went with a 65mm water-cooled 1.5Kw huang yang spindle that i found on ebay, (i took a chance an this time it payed off) it was a complete kit apart from the cables (you will need shielded 4 core) and fits the onefinity perfectly.
However getting the 80mm onefinity mount will give you more spindle choice options and the ability to use 1/2 inch bits if that’s something that you need