65, 80, 89mm mount ... take the poll

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Hi guys,
I propose 2 surveys to you to appreciate the level of expectation that there is around the provision of new mount formats for the OF. And perhaps useful inputs for the priorities of the OF’s product plan.


Assuming you might have had a choice when ordering the OF, what is the ideal mount size for your need?
  • 65mm mount (for Makita router 1/4 inch) or Spindle 1.5 kW ER11 0.5—7 mm (0.020—0.276 “) 1/4”
  • 80mm mount (for 2.2kW ER20 spindle 1—13 mm (0.039—0.512 “) 1/2”
  • 89mm mount (for Porter Cable Model 890 router)

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What situation are you in?
  • I have received or ordered the OF with its 65mm mount and it suits me very well
  • I have already received the OF and will purchase the 80mm mount upgrade as soon as it is available
  • I ordered the OF and I wish I could choose an 80mm mount
  • I am waiting for the availability of the 80mm to order the OF

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Finally like this proposal if you agree with:
“I ordered the OF and I am even ready to agree to postpone delivery for a few more months if the OF team offered it to me against the certainty of having the 80mm option”.

This is urgent for me, I am supposed to receive the OF in 2 weeks according to the schedule, and I will not have a spindle yet because I cannot resolve to order a 1.5kW spindle temporarily, and I await this announcement as much, but time is running out …
I would have liked to like myself but it is not possible, too bad it is the survey that I would have liked to answer. :sunglasses:

@OatW ,

There is a “Build Poll” under the Gear Icon if you want to run a survey. Its much easier than posting a bunch of posts in a row. :slight_smile:



Sure not the easy way, but the only oneI know. I can’t see a gear icon. Are you sure that I have access to this feature ? Restricted access for end user? I never saw a existing poll in the forum.

If available to you, the option is there when you create a topic. Here is a picture of the screen.

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I am reluctant to add to a long list, but I was thinking in the future it might make more sense for 1F to create the z axis with a standard plate fixture that accepts bolt on mounts that you can buy for the most common diameters of router/spindle. That way people could buy the 1F and choose a 65mm mount, or an 80mm mount, non at all if you want to build and bolt on your own unique mount. It would make changing mounts easier than disassembling the entire z axis assembly.


80mm mount (for 2.2kW ER20 spindle 1—13 mm (0.039—0.512 “) 1/2”

Thank you, much better now

Agreed - why manufacture different Z axis assemblies? It seems much easier & cheaper to remove the mount entirely and prep it for interchangeable mounts.

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A Couple of Points to Consider:

  1. Some 1.5Kw spindles are 80mm in diameter; some 1.5Kw spindles have ER16 collets.
  2. Another popular tabletop CNC manufacturer provides mounts for air blast nozzles in their 80mm spindle mounts. Being able to blow aluminum chips away from the cutting edge, while retaining the ability to use a Suckit Dust Boot, would be very nice.
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A 2.2Kw spindle is much larger and heavier than a Makita “palm router”; plus, many people want a 2.2Kw spindle because the ER20 spindles will accept heftier 1/2" shaft cutting tools. The forces typically expected to be exerted on a 2.2Kw spindle require a Z axis design much heftier than needed for a small router.


I’m in he same boat as @OatW. I have my OF and am currently getting my aluminum table machined but I’m running out of time on spindle choice. The ideal is the 2.2kw so I can do 1/2 end mills.

Meyers shop teased us along time ago that they were in development and beta testing. I figured it would have been out by now…

Well I close the survey now. For 2 months every day there was a new participant. No need to comment more on the result, it’s clear: the crowd has spoken … let’s remove the 1F its baby teeth for its 1 year old and give this beast a jaw in relation with its bones !

" let’s remove the 1F its baby teeth for its 1 year old and give this beast a jaw in relation with its bones !"

What are you saying here?

Are you proposing they move to a interchangeable mount system as the standard or something else?
If the poll were still open I would vote in favor of an interchangeable mount system. That would let users start out with the Makita or some other low power router and move on to a spindle or 2-1/4 HP router later on. Or just order what ever they want from the beginning.

For me I have three PC690 routers that I could use IF a mount were available. I also have some 1-1/4 HP router from DeWalt and PC which are slightly larger than the Makita and require a different mount. So even though I have 7 routers right now in my shop my only choice is to buy another router because the OF is pretty much limited to the Makita or an 80mm spindle by the mounts available.


It’s from the past. At that time, there was only the 65mm mount that existed for the 1F.

I’d love to see a 100mm or bolt your own mount on option.

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PC890 on the Machinist (stock motor). Works great

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An 890? Wow.
Can you give some info on how this was done.
Is that starting from the 65 or 85 mm mount?

I debated started from scratch but as luck/fate would have it, I had an 85mm mount from when it first came out that I forgot I had. So rather than figure out the gantry posts spacing and press-fitting the bearings into the aluminum block (along w/milling for the lead screw), I count down the mount and bolted the aluminum block onto it.