Machinist in X-50

I have an apartment (which might be an interesting market to go after) and have very limited space. Even the WoodWorker on its side is still very big.

I want to mount the Machinist on a cart (which I can roll out on my outside balcony to reduce noise and mess) and be able to work on metals (aluminum, maybe even titanium or mild steel), so rigidity is very important. Also speed control and noise reduction (via spindle requiring more weight) will be critical.

So I would like a Machinist in X-50 for rigidity and better stepper motor. It was suggested that I try the hybrid (buy Machinist and Woodwooder and combine), but that is still huge on once dimension (also 4’ foot all in).

Hope there are others interested in this…

I replied to your other post about my convo with 1F and why the 50mm diameter rail isn’t an option for the machinist model.

In regard to milling aluminum, here are some examples done on my machinist model. Now, in an apartment or balcony etc, if you are into milling aluminum your neighbours are going to love you :joy:

As far a titanium, steel etc. this isn’t the machine to do those. Aluminum, brass, no problem.


Hey sammy, what are those parts? Very nice setup!

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Hey Brad, thanks! They are just some parts for a line of products we manufacture. Building fixture plates is the way to go if you plan on making anything that isn’t a 1 off. It’s great that this little machine is capable of so much.

An X-50 upgrade (even if it were available for the Machinist) would be total overkill. I don’t even run the 3rd rail stiffy on my machine. Even though an official X-50 upgrade isn’t available, that wouldn’t stop you from upgrading the X stepper.

I have to agree with @alldaysammyj in that this isn’t going to be a proper machine for steel, titanium, etc. unless perhaps a one-time or very seldom job. Clean-up is not fun cutting any kind of metal on the Onefinity.

Running it on the balcony… you might want to rethink that. This thing will throw chips!