Offer a 43mm Spindle Mount Option for the Elite Series

Would be awesome to offer an insert or something that would allow a European 43mm Spindle to be utilized as an alternative to the Makita and VFD Solutions.



Some here have 80-65mm shims/ reducers. I’d wager that we, as a group, could come up with a similar setup for yours. Anyone in Europe with an FDM or sintering printer that’ll do engineering grade materials? I’m in the US, but could easily prototype one in abs/pla/pa12-cf15 or resin(don’t recommend resin due to strength by comparison to the others). I don’t have that small of a spindle, but I bet we could do something. As far as a metal one, there may be some local shops that could fab one up for you. A 65 or 80mm to 43mm reducing collar/shim.


Hey Jared, hey Alex, hey @onefinitycnc, hey all,

a simple reduction ring with 43 mm inner diameter, to fit into the existing 65 mm or 80 mm spindle mount, like imagined here, would not help. Even a mount like the existing 65 or 80 mm Onefinity mounts, but now with 43 mm, would not help.

If you look at how the 43 mm mount milling motors are made, you see that such a solution would in most cases not allow you to reach your workpiece. This is because the Onefinity 65 mm and 80 mm mounts do not protrude downwards beyond the lower end of Z assembly. You can see this when you follow the thread to its end, where you finally have to land with something like this.

In order to attach what I consider the best milling motor solution for hobbyists and semiprofessionals, what you would need is something like shown here and here.

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Makes sense. I was out when I saw and responded. There’s a lot to the 43mm spindle or other conversion that I wasn’t aware of. Thanks for the heads up.

I agree that an insert or custom mod for the current Z-Axis is not the best solution, I have been following the other post for some time and while there is some Amazing ideas it appears none of them are viable at the moment.

The “Feature Request” is that the OneFinity team evaluate ALL options that would enable its users to utilize the 43mm Euro spindles. Including designing/selling an entire new Z-Axis like they just did end of last year, but this one would focus on opening the 43mm door for us.



I very much support this request, for all machines

Hey Alex,

thank you for putting this into the feature requests.

It is worth noting in this context that there exist variants of these cnc-suitable milling motors that offer a lever-activated, tool-less quick tool change option, like the Mafell FM 1000 PV-WS

Mafell Milling motor FM 1000 PV-WS

or the tool changer models from AMB ELEKTRIK:.

AMB Milling Motor 1050 FME-U DI 230V (for ER16 precision collets)

(besides these manual quick tool changers models, AMB also offers a variant with automatic pneumatic tool change.)

I am very confident that hobbyists and semiprofessionals that own or plan to buy a Onefinity CNC machine would not only be interested in being able to use the cnc-suitable milling motors with 43 mm “Euro” mount, but also the quick tool change variants¹.

These milling motors variants with quick tool changer do not fit into a 43 mm diameter motor mount, but expect a flat spindle mount plate like the universal Z assemblies found on the Z-axis of most CNC machines:

Therefore I think if Onefinity would consider an option for 43 mm “Euro” mount milling motors, if they made a solution similar to this one, it would allow to have a flat mount plate anyway:


1.) Suhner also offers a pneumatic automatic tool changer with SK-15 tool holders, but this one fits 43 mm diameter mounts