Introducing the new Onefinity ELITE Series, Powered by MASSO

Which begs the question, with the closed loop steppers why hit the estop? If it moves in a way that wasn’t planned, wouldn’t it just freeze, if not immediately, at least really early.

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Masso link is mainly used to transfer gcode files to the controller. It allows you to see the status of the CNC, as well as the tools data.

It sort of does look like a phone/tablet UI, but it’s just a small window for their desktop app.

I am a little disappointed with Onefinity right now. Been thinking about this for a month.
I love my X50 woodworker, nothing to do with that. A little over a month ago when we were notified of new products, I waited patiently… Excited to see what upgrades they created for the machine I already own. Checking everyday, and amazed by the new product line, and features, but felt left out and disappointed (the little guys)
Reading this forum of what people wish they had. I realize there are upgrade kits to come… One thing I thought I would see, is an option for different routers/sizes, not being pigeon holed to the Makita, what about dewat, or even larger routers. Spindles are nice, but expensive, and some may find them a pain to figure out. I’m going to stop ranting, but that is only one of the little guy requests.
Like I said, I love my X50, but some upgrades might be a little out of reach $$. What about the rest of us. You have a wide range of customers, and one of the best machines on the market. Please, do better.

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Idk, but is there a 80->69mm insert?
Sure you’d have to buy a new mount, but wouldn’t you have to do that anyways.
Maybe onefinity could default the stock size to 69mm and include a 65mm insert, but sorry for your frustrations.

Hey Jim, hey all,

like the Makita RT0701C hand trim router, the Dewalt DWP611 hand trim router is still a hand trim router not allowed for stationary use in a CNC, and according to Bill @Machinist the DeWalt would not be worth it to be used instead of the Makita.

If you want a milling motor that best meets the requirements of a CNC milling machine, you will not get around an induction motor (=a “spindle”). The induction motor is the workhorse in the industry. It has high efficiency and long life, and it is controlled with modern, smart VFDs in a way that it optimally converts its power into chipload (material removal rate). This cannot be said of a hand trim router, i.e. a universal motor with its poor efficiency and unfavorable motor characteristics.

But concretely wiring and connecting a spindle and a VFD, and what many people forget, the correspondig control cabinet, requires certain knowledge, especially because you have to follow electrical safety regulations and is a certain effort, but if you buy a good VFD you get a very good manual. The problem with cheap Chinese VFDs is that especially the manual is absolutely lousy and people don’t know how to set up the VFD and what the settings mean, and then see people on Youtube saying do it like this and like this and like this, but without explaining what the settings mean and what the background is. That is understandably very off-putting. But the people who bought a Omron MX2 or a Hitachi WJ200 or a Hitachi S1 or an Invertek Optidrive VFD didn’t have that fear because the manual doesn’t let them down. That’s why the manuals of a good VFD have more than 400 pages. And e.g. here in the forum you have users who use them and reported about their setup.

Best milling motor solution for hobbyists and semiprofessionals

But what I think is the best solution for hobbyists and semiprofessionals who just want to plug in are the dedicated milling motors with 43 mm Euromount like the AMB (former Kress), the Suhner, and the Mafell milling motors. Unlike hand trim routers like Makita or Dewalt, they are made explicitly for stationary use in CNC machines, 24/7 operation and long life. They have a sturdy all-steel motor flange with double long life ball bearings from the industry and have been run in by the manufacturer before shipment. Here in Europe they are the standard milling motors in hobby and semi-professional CNC machines such as the cnc-step high-z or the sorotec cnc mills. Unfortunately, Onefinity still does not offer a 43 mm “Euro” mount for such motors, although they would be the ideal solution for hobbyists and semi-professionals who simply want to plug a milling motor into the socket, with no VFD, no custom wiring, just ready to use, but with high reliability and long life.

How such a 43 mm mount could look like was discussed here the other day. Very interesting designs!


Wait, why would you want to use the DeWalt router in place of the Makita on a Onefinity? If you’re going to use the router hand-held, the DeWalt cordless ALL-DAY over a Makita - or for roundovers, cleanup and edge trimming, a Bosch 12v. But for CNC? There’s nothing out there “better” than the Makita, where “better” is a relative term evaluating performance and value for money.

If you want to upgrade, you need to look to purpose-built devices, and that’s spindles. There’s no way around that.

All that said, none of this has anything to do with the Elite machines specifically.

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Hey Espressomatic, hey Jimmy, hey all,

In principle you are right, it’s just that when the novelties were presented that you then think of the things that weren’t there, I think that’s what Jimmy was about here. Jimmy @Jimmyusn, the wishes you expressed would be worth a post under the “Feature Requests” category, don’t you think?

I’m guessing @Jimmyusn has an existing DeWalt DWP611 and would rather not add a Makita if the DeWalt could be accommodated. Feel free to ruin my life if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

I started with a Next Wave Piranha Fx (12" X, 13" Y, 3" Z), which has 3 different mounts available: DeWalt DWP611, Bosch Colt and Makita RT0701C. When you purchase the Piranha (in 2019), you can specify 2 different mounts for free, with the 3rd being an additional fee. I chose the Bosch and DeWalt mounts, since I had one of each for my general woodworking hobby. I then added another DeWalt DWP611 as my backup to my preferred DeWalt mount for CNC use.

When I changed/upgraded to a Onefinity Journeyman in April 2022, there was no factory-supported option for a DeWalt mount, so I added a pair of Makita RT0701C’s and now have 5 palm routers in my arsenal. I’ve come to regard the Makita higher than the others, so I’d continue down that route going forward, but the Bosch and DeWalt routers are definitely useful. I use the Bosch for non-CNC work, the DeWalts for the Next Wave CNC and the Makitas for my Onefinity CNC. It would be nice if I could have a factory-supported Bosch or DeWalt option, but it’s not a deal breaker.

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Here is someone who added a Shapeoko HDZ Z assembly and a Mafell quick change spindle to their Onefinity CNC (from Facebook) :smiley:



Hey Tom, hey all,

I imagine that MANY would appreciate to use the Mafell quick tool change motor or a quick tool change from AMB on their Onefinity! Also here to see in action. But everybody can see what kind of universal mounting plate on Z assembly Onefinity would need to offer…

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I can only guess at the costs for a small company (design, develop, test, source 3rd party manufacturer, MOQs, etc, …) to make such a mounting option available, and would be very curious as to the number of sales that would be needed to break even or start making a profit. I imagine if they were based in Europe, where those spindles are more the norm, it would be a very different situation.

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Hey Tom, hey all,

I think if they first made a 43 mm mount like imagined here which would allow the use of e.g. the Mafell FM 1000 PV-ER with speed control interface and true ER collet as known on spindles, and a lot of other motors from which I imagine some are surely available in North America (you mentioned the Stepcraft the other day), they would make no mistake. After all, when we are talking of AMB (former Kress) , the Suhner, and the Mafell milling motors, unlike the Makita, we mean highly reliable motors specifically made for CNCs. Unlike the Makita, they are not likely to burn your workshop down :frowning:. How many people come here and say, I would like to have something more reliable than a hand trim router but fear wiring a spindle/VFD – these simply to plug in milling motors would be the solution for so many.

By the way, the Z assembly you show is very much in the direction I envision. However, I would first like to determine how much twist the X tube pair has under load and how much play is in the Y bearings before deciding how close I need to stay with the spindle axis to the X axis because of the leverage.


Thanks everyone for your comments.
The makita router was only a small part of what I was saying. I actually have 2 of them, great router.

What I was talking about was the anticipation of new upgrades, not a totally new line. I was excited to see what they had for us, the first line users. Some cool new shiny add-on, something.

As for spindles and VFD’s, stuff from china… PWN has a nice setup, but more than doubles the price for him to set it up.

So many possibilities that could have been created for us.
All the after market stuff people are 3D printing, some better than others, I have tried alot.

All I am saying, I already made a big investment, options for the existing customers, without buying a new setup.

With such a great product, give us something for what we already have.

Am I asking for to much.

I’ll be ready with the force/deflection data soon - I got distracted with a few modifications and prototypes :smile:

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Hey Jim,

in any case, you don’t skimp on hose diameter :slight_smile:

That’s what she said :rofl:


It might be interesting to make some aluminum reducing collars to fit the 65 and 80mm options we have now.

Which also reminds me, I need to reach out to 1F to switch over from 65mm to 80mm on my existing Elite order.

I did this over their holiday break and they switched my order earlier this week. Very easy.



I am biased as I am a newcomer to 1F and ordered my first during the holiday this past season and am still waiting for delivery. From the outside though it looks like they did pretty well. Released Heavy Duty Z-slider (new and existing machines), QCW leg kit (new and existing users), 24 watt laser (new and existing users), X50 Stiffy (new and existing users). The only 2 things they did outside of that unless I am missing something were the elite series, and the foreman (including the matching stand). Even then they are going to provide the upgrade option to the foreman (size) for existing users at some point. The only thing existing users were left out of is the ability to upgrade to a new controller platform. Probably too much of a hassle/cost to try and provide an upgrade option to the new controller. I bet someone figures out how to do it though and posts a video.