Z axis rigidity

Not sure if this is even a problem as I haven’t ordered my unit (X50) yet. Had a thought of either OneFinity making the spindle mount wider/taller so as to increase the surface area on the spindle/router orrr to double up on the mounts. I personally don’t need nearly as much travel on my “Z” as they allow with only having 1 mount. I only require/need about 3 to 4 inches of travel. Would be nice to see a spindle mount that is at least 4 inches or more tall. The increased surface area/holding/clamping ability would be so nice to have. I’m about to order and I’ll probably get an extra 80mm clamp so I can have one on top and bottom of my spindle. Food for thought…

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Tom and I discussed this here the other day in:

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I just picked up my second 80mm mount to use with my new ATC spindle. In preparation I also purchased two of the regular length LM16 linear bearings. My calculations (I can provide them if you wish) leave me with 88mm of travel using the two mounts. I would need to subtract from this the buffer I wish to leave for the z assembly to stop at the end of each travel as I am using homing sensors.

Given the 1F team’s innovation and responsiveness to their ever evolving and growing user base, it would not surprise me if a more robust ‘spindle focused’ z assembly with greater travel will be in their future plans. The newest X50 offerings, with claims of added rigidity, would definitely support such a new upgrade. I remain hopeful, but in the meantime will continue with my own version of z assembly upgrade.

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which spindle do you intend to use?

My spindle manufacturer writes in the manual that the 80 mm spindle requires the clamping force be spread over 8000 mm² of surface. With 80 mm diameter = 40 mm radius this would give

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31.8 mm minimal height of spindle mount. Since Onefinity 80 mm mount is 2″ (51 mm) high this is enough (for this spindle).

Of course, the leverage force exerted on the Z rails and their linear bushings will be greatly reduced if distributed over a greater length, such as by stacking the two mounts on top of each other

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I’m going with an 80mm spindle. I may be overthinking this as I haven’t received my machine in yet. I’m looking forward to it though!

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Did anyone find any good solutions here? I use my x50 for aluminum and would like a little more strength.

Any z axis recommendations or did the double mount work for anyone?