Fusion 360 Model of Woodworker


While I am waiting for my machine I need to build the table. Does anyone have a Fusion 360 model of the Woodworker machine? I can find the basic dimensions on this site, but thought it would be nice to have a model of the CNC machine.


HI Corey - I shared my waste board design (Fusion 360) that has the dimensions of the woodworker in it. It is not a model of the machine, just the outline, but sufficient for a table design. Remember the controller is ~7.5" wide as well - if you want on top, you need to add to the width.



Thanks for the info. I will access your drawing for my table design.


Hi, I’ve been working on this today, so I have a visual representation to design my enclosure around.
I’ve used the 2d projections to draw up the X and Y carriages. Need to find some good top down images of the Z slider to get it finished though.


Is his in Fusion 360?

If so is it parameterised so it can be adjusted for the Machinist?

Yes this was done using Fusion. I didn’t use parametrics, but shouldn’t be too difficult to shorten for the machinist.

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Do you agre to share your file?

I can if you like, however I take no responsibility for the accuracy as it’s based on a couple of drawings and not an actual machine. The overall footprint should be pretty close though.


@AndrewBrown Yes, please share your file. I’m also gearing up to build an enclosure for the 1F. TIA!

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Not sure how to share this file as its quite large (28Mb) and I’m not able to upload it on this plat form???

Ah ha.
Ok, here you go.
Feel free to download for personal use only.
I make no claims of accuracy to the real product as this is a rough (but close) model based off the dimensioned drawings from the 1F manual.



Thank you, Andrew Brown! Your model helped me immensely; I had drawn up a top view in Rhino 3D of the Machinist and your dimensioning was spot on; all I had to do was resize it for my machine. It has helped me to better see the big picture of my CNC setup. Once again, thank you for your effort and assistance.

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Great job, Andrew! Thanks a lot. Just downloaded and will slowly start working on a model of my table for the OF. Plenty of time till end June (I do hope)…

As a Fusion360 user this cuts my prep time dramatically…

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great job thx, was dragging my feet to do this on my own.

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Thanks all. It’s by no means complete but I think it’s good enough to size up an enclosure etc.

Andrew, awesome model, thanks for sharing. This will help me get my table and enclosure ready for when my onefinity arrives.
thanks again, great job

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Thanks for sharing the model. It will come in very handy for designing my wire management

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Thanks for posting the models of the journeyman, I went ahead and roughed out a QCW as well, it is not perfect, but it did the job I needed it to do. I am working on a fold-down mechanism (inspired by the one that @TDE did) at will allow the OF to be vertical when I am cutting on my table saw and then fold down flat when I can spare the room.

Here is the fusion 360 file if anyone wants to grab any parts. Fusion