3D model of CNC for workbench design

I ordered the Elite Foreman and have a couple more months until it arrives. I am designing the workbench for it in sketchup, it would be nice to have a model for the machine itself in the design. Does anyone know if that already exists and where I can find it?

Grabcad.com has mutiple models available.

Thanks Mrd. I saw that page but unfortunately it does not have the Elite Foreman :sob:

I set up the model for you. I wasn’t sure what your version of Sketchup was so it was saved as 2018 version. This is based off the dimensions provided by Onefinity but does not include the wires, so you will need to be aware of that little bit of added space behind the Y and X axis if your hugging walls. The Masso touch screen is also accurate but I did not model the bracket. This should be more than enough to model a table.

Foreman model accurate.skp (2.6 MB)


Awesome, thank you so much!

I’m running Sketchup Make 2016, which as far as I know is the last free version that can run on a local machine. Is there any chance you can export to that version, or 3ds/DAE? If not then I will just work this project online.

Thanks for the tip about the wires, I also saw Myer workshop mentioned accounting for the dust boot. I want to build an enclosure around the table. The masso will be mounted outside somewhere.

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Here you go…ver16

Foreman model accurate v16.skp (1.1 MB)


Does anyone have a model for Fusion 360?

The sketchup model will open in Fusion

I think I found a model of the journeyman on GradCAD and put it into OnShape:

It should work for the elite you just have to switch out the 32" Y-Rails for the "48 Rails

Was wondering is there any official model from 1F?

I found a Fusion 360 file on Grabcad called “Onefinity Woodworker”. It appears to be an Elite with a stiffy. I downloaded and modified it to the dimensions of the Journeyman and replaced the router with a 80mm spindle model from the Grabcad “Onefinity journeyman” model. The slider doesn’t exactly fit but it is real close. Use at your descretion. No guarantees. I have converted it to STL so it should be usable in just about any system. Only problem is I can’t upload it here because I am a new user. Any suggestions?
Edit to posting: I have added it to Grabcad as Onefinity_Elite_Journeyman.

Just checked but Fusion 360 Personal no longer supports .skp

I use a work license, keep forgetting that Autodesk keeps taking away from the personal use license.
I am sure this has been the plan from the beginning.

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I checked the model in sketch up however it’s the 32" rails for the Journeyman model. I’m just going to make the assumption that the foreman will use the same Journey man rails in the X and Y axis.

@lawrence1200 any chance you could upload the f3d file or anything other than an stl?

I just uploaded a STP file in GRABCAD. Hope that helps. If not tell me what format you prefer.

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