Woodworker cad file

im trying to design some parts for the 1f that i have coming. does anybody have a mockup cad file of the 1f woodworker that’s fairly accurate?


I don’t but that would be nice.

Also interested in a CAD of the machine for accessories design :slightly_smiling_face:.
@OnefinityCNC do you plan to make a CAD model of the machine available to the public ?
It is to know if I should plan on making my own or save myself some time :sweat_smile:.

I will also appreciate this to prepare the baby’s room :grin:

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What is everyone using for their CAD software?

SketchUp has a Onefinity Woodworker in the 3D Warehouse I’ve been using for mocking up my table ideas. I had to move the X & Y-Axis steppers to get it closer to overall footprint. Other than that, it seems pretty close to the dimensions on the product spec sheet.


I used Fusion 360 to create a sketch of the outline of the machine and feet. I tried to get the SU model into Fusion but it was fairly useless. I didn’t realize SU is really a mesh editor under the hood and can only output STL files (and other mesh formats).


@Kanova802 & @cyberreefguru: thanks for the information. My CAD tool is Fusion360.

@OatW - I’m happy to provide my Fusion file if you want to use it. Probably needs to be cleaned up a bit, but it does show the outline of the machine, and 3 different options for washboards. Now that I have my machine, I can validate the dimensions.



@cyberreefguru Thank you. Of course, I am interested in this file. I am joining you in pm.


Any chance you would be still willing to share the file? Waiting for my machine, trying to build a table for it prior to arrival.

Thank You

Thanks Ghislain - was looking for the Fusion file, but glad you linked the file - easier for someone else to find!

@blaghislain Thank you!

Any chance you could also upload the obj file for those who don’t use fusion specifically?

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@PaulBoth - absolutely - my design file is linked here.
Happy to work on the details with you.



Hey Kyle… what search parameters did you use to find that SketchUp model? I searched Onefinity Woodworker and got a “no results” return! Thank you

That is the same search criteria I used. The person who uploaded is must have removed it. Here is a screenshot from my table build mock up. I’ll see if I can save and export a file with the component in it.

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Is it possible to get in on the file share? That is for the OF woodworker cad model?

I too would like to get in on the file share if possible.

Is the enclosure effective with sound control??? I have been trying to cut the sound of the CNC and dust collection. I started with the dust collection and the result of my effort was less than stellar.

Who has produced effective sound control and what did you do??? Thanks for any input.

Dave I would love to know what you tried with your dust collector. I am investigating the use of some sound all’s and sound blankets both to be created and built .so anything you tried is very interesting to me

My dust collector is a Wen, the cheapest dust collector available I think. It does a wonderful job of collecting dust but mu wife refuses to let me use the CNC because of the combined noise of the CNC and dust collector.

My effort to quiet the collector was to put a box lined with carpet underlayment around the collector. I tried that and was so unimpressed with the results that I didn’t continue on with other ideas (baffles). I used up all my MDF so far and it has been too cold to go out and buy more.