Fusion 360 Machine Builder

I found a few different models of the Onefinity CNC and was able to create a 3D model that I used in the machine builder. I like to simulate before I CNC and while the stock version is helpful, I have found that using the machine builder is nice to visualize what is going on.

Here is a video of it running.


Well that’s pretty darn cool.

Very cool indeed! Did you share the machine file with Autodesk to they can incorporate it into Fusion?

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I don’t;t think I know how to share with AutoDesk. That being said, I am happy to share the 3D model to the forum. I’m not sure there is a way to share the actual file, however I have organized the file so it is easy to use the Machine Builder function to create something that works.

While not parametrically driven, the file is reasonable well organized and it would be pretty easy to make it any size desired.

I will post if there is any interest.

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I was looking this up the other day. I would be interested in how you did it. I have a journeyman model that i edited to use when i designed my table.
Would like to see yours to edit mine and if all goes well i will post mine as well

I would love the files if you wouldn’t mind sharing.

I too would like to get this preview in Fusion. Currently still using VCarve for everything, but since I design in Fusion would I’m learning it for creating the gcode as well. This would be a nice touch.

came across this video that outlines how to do this in Fusion. going to give it a whirl later. this one is a 5 axis machine, but shows the process pretty well.

Onefinity Woodworker X35.f3d (7.1 MB)
Onefinity - Woodworker - X35 (Model).f3d (7.0 MB)

Attached are two files, the first is an export from the Machine Builder menu, the second is an export from the model that I used.

There may be some house keeping needed. I use a spindle and not a router so I modified the file according. Also, I need to lower the spindle in the model to match what I have in the shop. The linear bearings on the Z axis are not exact (I’m not sure it matters).

It’s pretty straightforward to connect the model to the machine builder, however it seems like Fusion doesn’t retain the connections. I created the model so you could easily attach the XYZ and table to the model. You also need to connect the part.

If this is not clear, I will see about creating a short video that shows how it is done.

I still get an error when simulating that says it is not simulating collisions, I will try and see what the issue is.

Please share any improvements or tweaks made to make it better, of I can adjust if needed.

Lastly, I used the stock post processor from the Autodesk website, I have not tried this with the community version, I can’t think of any reason it would not work.

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@Martin finally got around to messing around with this and have my machine model all working, however when selecting in a model to simulate its coming up with this error


are you working on the Masso or 1F controller?

i put in my table build… well… because i could. kind of feels like this is a Masso post thing -

I’m very interested for the Fusion CAD for the masso touch. Where did you find it?

Did you configure the post processing tab?


i made it in fusion

here you go

MASSO CONTROLLER v3.zip (278.4 KB)

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its the post file from Masso (edit: from autodesk) that doesn’t support the machine simulation - apparently there is some code editing in the .cps file that needs to happen. if i figure it out i’ll post how i got it to work.

i also have a thread started at Masso forum incase someone has already done it.

Thanks. I need to ajust the community poss processer for Non-Elite machine because Autodesk has change the way machine are built. I’m looking on how to add the simulation.

Also I’m thinking on adding Elite post processor too.

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You’re right. Configuring a post processor for machine simulation in Fusion 360

yep. thats the page i came across as well. You will probably figure it out before me as i’m not that knowledgeable of such things. i did attempt it and screwed something up. the .csp file just disappeared and told me the file is invalid now :slight_smile: :person_shrugging:

ok. for what its worth i got it to work with the Masso post and my specific Elite Journeyman model

for those that want to give it a go i am including the edited Masso post file (linked below - use at your own risk) using the instructions in the autodesk post that @blaghislain linked above. for your simulation model you can use the woodworker posted by @Martin above or my modified Journeyman version below, i do not have a foreman version. this was a lot of trial and error, mainly because i didn’t know what i was doing, but i found a better video that explains things better and is newer.

masso machine sim.cps (102.2 KB)
Onefinity - Elite Journeyman Machine Model.f3d (1.5 MB)

ps - didn’t know my screen recording software was recording my system audio, but the song that started playing was pretty perfect timing. :slight_smile:


Thank you, your files were very helpful!

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Very cool. Well done. The music did work out well. :sweat_smile:

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