Looking For a Fusion 360 (Personal License) user to run a test

I’m new to the game of CNC/CAD/CAM/Gcode, literally starting at ground zero. So before I actually buy the Onefinity I thought it best to start by learning Fusion 360…to see what I’m getting myself into before spending money I don’t really have. I’ve been at it a couple weeks now and thanks to Kevin Kennedy’s video series (productdesignonline.com for other interested newbies), I have my first file ready to run. I’m looking for a Fusion 360 (Personal Use license) user that has a Onefinity CNC to run the file. I’m willing to pay for your time, supplies (wood & bit) and cost of shipping the piece back to me. If interested, shoot me an email at bbland808@gmail.com


I can possibly help you out. Sent an email. Also ha e you run the generated gcode through the camotics app? It I’d a great way to see what it will do.

I just sent you the file. Is the camotics simulation different than the Fusion 360 simulation? I was really trying to stay with one program if possible…that was what drew me to Fusion 360, that and it runs on a Mac.

Camotics is a simulation package written buy the buildbotics controller folks so it will be a much more apples to apples simulation.

Just want to close out this post with a huge THANK YOU to BJ Hermsen for running my test. This was my first crack at using Fusion360 and I wanted to see just how accurately my file would be translated by Onefinity. It was a complete success. The pic shows the cavity a little on the wide side but that was my doing as I wasn’t sure how well the scaling function would work and so I made it a little “fat” just in case. The Slot is 2mm wide and the MOP is actually about 1.75mm. So now I just need to scrape together some money to buy a Onefinity device for myself.

Hey Onefinity, you should consider paying a little referral commission to your forum members when they send a new customer your way. I’ll be sure to mention BJ when I place my order and maybe you can send him a little appreciation…his testing is what pushed me over the edge on the decision.

BJ - your the man brother.

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