Store CNC vertically?

I have a woodworker on order but want to have a home to put it when it comes in. My shop is small so would flipping CNC upright when not in use? I don’t want to do it if it will cause weird stress on bearings or steeper motors.

I’ve seen it being used in the vertical position, if you search YouTube you should be able to fine it.

Here is a video of a vertical storage unit for the onefinity.


Thanks I appreciate that. Video is getting me thinking.

That is a very entertaining video and he really did a nice job. I wish it would have been out when I was building mine as I really like the idea of using both sides of the table. I might have to go back to the drawing board and make some changes to what I have right now. I really needed a foldable design due to space issues.

No one answered the question. I also want to know the Long term effects if machine is stored sideways

I don’t think anyone has had one stored vertically long enough to know about long term effects. The machine has only been released for a year. I store mine vertically and it rests at the bottom so there is no stress on any stepper motor. I have also seen carts with a support that the X Gantry rests on which also removes any stress on the steppers. Being that the ball screw is free to rotate when power is not applied to the steppers I see no reason for the ball screw to impart any stress. If the x carriage is stored at one end or the other the weight of it would transfer to the bracket without much stress on the pipe. Now if it were stowed in the center position that may over time cause some deflection in the pipe (maybe?). The machine is built pretty stout. I use a variation of the cart mentioned above because I like every woodworker I know am space limited. The vertical storage option is and has worked great for me from the beginning(never had the machine mounted any other way). I have yet to read anyone post about any problems resulting from vertical storage. I’m sure if Onefinity were receiving complaints from people who stored their machine vertically they would come out and say “hey guys don’t do this”. So in summary, I see no reason currently not to store it vertically. With all that said I am finding that the longer I have the machine the more uses I am finding for it and that it is now more often than not deployed and in use.

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Theres a video by Arganic

He was, at the point this video was made, running the onefinity vertically. He didnt seem to have any issues. I dont know what the long term issues would be but Onefinity commented on the video in support of it.