"Stowable" Machinist?

I’ve got a Machinist on order, together with the “Fasten from Below” frame. I was watching the video of the vertically installed machine, and I was wondering if the mounting hardware could be adapted to fold the machine out of the way when it isn’t being used. Rather than hang with the router facing out, it could fold up against the wall and free up some bench space in my shop. Any comments? ~Mike

Mean turn the wall mount system (https://www.onefinitycnc.com/product-page/wall-mount-kit) into a flip table of sorts? Seems like you can add a kick stand to one side and fold down when unneeded. But the machine would be ~48" off the ground when extended.

What’s wrong with using the flip stand they offer? Keep it stored in the corner when unused, pull out and set up when needed.


Tom, sorry for the late response, I forgot to check the ol’ bit bucket. Hopefully that’s fixed now.

My problem is that I have run out of corners to store things in. My plan is to engineer a hinged bracket off the wall behind one of my benches. By hoisting away in the best sailorly fashion, I would be able to use a couple of square feet of bench space. Just to demonstrate how tight space is in the shop (not that I’m complaining) the only place I can do this would block my window with the machine in the stowed position.
The scheme would involve spacing the hinges far enough off the wall that the unit would store more or less vertically with the gantry between the wall and the base of the machine. Considering the dead space created by the offset hinge, I don’t know whether it will be worth it or not. Just something to entertain my mind while I await the glorious day of delivery.

I have my woodworker on order and in the mean time I was thinking about the same system or perhaps a flip top table where you could rotate the top 180° so I have additional work space for other projects when I’m not carving…. We shall see, may not be practical.

Oh, the challenges of a small shop!
Mounting as such will still require a good offset from the wall. My machine is 17" from bench to the top of the Z axis motor. It sits on a 24" deep workbench that’s pulled out about 2" from the back wall, and overhangs the bench a couple inches front & back (a setup I’d like to change after my upcoming move). My rear-mounted Y motors sit about 1/2" from the back wall. Point being, storing vertical (whether per your description or per the Onefinity wall mount system) may only provide a marginal level of space-saving given the 20-ish inches required for vertical storage. The net space-savings may only be about 8".

Thanks, that’s good, if somewhat discouraging information. I don’t think that scheme will work for me. I looked into the folding table offered by OF and it’s pretty cool, except that a) I’ve got nowhere to store it, and b) the information for the product indicates one needs the ability to deadlift 100 pounds. I probably could, but the aftereffects are not to be thought of. I now contemplate a scheme whereby the whole thing rises to the ceiling like Frankenstein’s monster. I’ll probably just let it sit on the bench, especially reading about how the whole thing moves around as it operates unless secured to the bench.
That’s a great setup for your monitor, I might try something similar.

You may find yourself using the machine so much that you won’t really need or want stow-away options. The vast majority of my projects are CNC centric, so the machine is always ready to go.